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  1. I've totally lost count of my timeline. I know I started Nov 17. It's now 4 months and 4 days into it, I guess! I am down to 1 week remaining stateside. I do worry how my skin will react to different water, food, and air pollution levels. Nothing I can do about it though, except continue what's worked for me here and assume there will be an adjustment period. My skin is clear from my little bit of breakout when I went home. That was really my fault for eating cheese. I love the stuff, but I mus
  2. Sorry I haven't checked in. I'm doing ok! I got to see my grandpa and I'll go again this week. He's doing alright - better than expected! I'm on leave now and have another week here with family. The skin is doing ok. I got a minor breakout - 2 semi-big ones, a couple tiny ones that disappeared fast, and another that could have turned into a problem but I think I got it under control now. I cheated and ate cheese like 3 days in a row. BAD IDEA. Why do I do that?! Soooooo I nipped it in the bud
  3. As of today, I'm exactly 10 wks into retin-a. Skin quality is overall good. I've continued to have recurring lower cheek issues that I NEVER used to have. I learned today, totally by accident, that zinc can naturally raise testosterone levels. Holy shit, if I'd have known that, I'd never have taken the stuff! Much of my issue has been hormone related, so clearly adding something that can affect hormones was a bad thing for me. It works for a lot of people, so I tried it. I'm not taking it today
  4. It takes typically 3 months before you see real results of retin-a. Right now you are undergoing the IB. Accutane has many side effects and typically can help for a period of a few years but many folks have to go back on it again. I would suggest you wait out the retin-a for at least 6 more weeks before doing anything so drastic as accutane. At your age, much of your acne could be hormonally related, which means accutane would likely be a waste.
  5. Be careful with peels. You can literally peel your skin off when you are on retin-a. I was forewarned by the pharmacy not to wax eyebrows either - you yank your skin off. Many people have the IB with retin-a for several weeks. I'm at nearly 10 weeks now and just getting past it. Usually, 3 months is when the improvements really start showing. For now, you could actually get a years worth of acne in a few weeks. It's irritating, I know, but that's all crap that would have come to the surface so
  6. Honestly I just use a pressed powder l'oreal (true match). I buy extra sponges and powder puffs so I am not spreading bacteria. I don't use brushes because they don't "set" the makeup right and can brush it off spots you would rather cover. ;)
  7. Lilie De Vallee is what I use - it's a locally made product, all organic. I can get it at an organic foods store here, but I googled it and it can be ordered online. Good thing, since I'm moving across the world in a month! LOL! The issue with jojoba oil is it only takes a couple of drops. Yes, it's yellow, but with only a couple of drops it doesn't tint your skin a funny color or anything. If you get a little to much, just take a tissue and blot gently. I put a little more on before bed than
  8. Well I'm interested in this option. I'm about 95% clear with what I'm doing, but if I slip up for a few days (like forget to take my regular vitamins) I have a few minor breakouts. I can't have any refined sugars, like the delicious carrot cake at the going away party my co-workers threw me last week. I can't have cheese or milk or ice cream. I have no issue with avoiding ice cream, but ohhhh I miss cheese dearly. I wonder if this product were successful for me, would I then be able to have chee
  9. Retin-A can cause that red/dry itching & peeling. You need moisturizer. I apply my retin-a, wait at least 30 min, then a small amount of jojoba oil. It feels amazing and ever since I started using it as a moisturizer I stopped having any irritation from the retin-a. I tried cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer - it was very drying in comparison to the oil cleansing method and jojoba oil. I previously had very oily skin but now it's about perfectly balanced. It's been 10 weeks as of Tues that I'
  10. Ok, where are we on this journey? I guess we're nearing 10 weeks in about 3 days. I keep meaning to check in and just keep getting swamped with other things. I'm down to my last couple of shifts at this base. It's a LOVELY feeling! I've been doing pretty good. Actually, amazing in comparison to when I began this! My only problem is the occasional diet slip - I like, but avoid, sugar (it's a major trigger). Last week it was a going away party they threw for me at work, which led to me (the healt
  11. I actually (*blush*) noticed the ACV produces rather smelly gas some days. Thank goodness I have a very large dog who regularly farts so it's easy to blame him. LMAO! I went from 2 at breakfast, 2 at dinner, and added the 2 at lunch. I definitely saw results with the increase. I just hate taking pills! But, it's worth it. I think I'm going to cut down to zinc (scaling back dosage - I cut down on that over a week ago also), melatonin, EPO (that's been wonderful for my hot flashes), B5 & ACV.
  12. I read your posts about this before. When I was at the store about 2 weeks ago, a bottle caught my eye - apple cider vinegar tablets. I couldn't stomach the taste of it in my water, but pills? I thought sure, why not? So I added them to my daily routine. I've had best results by taking 2 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner. I avoid taking any motrin or anything if I can help it. I was clearing up until Christmas when I overindulged and then had a pretty major breakout the following week. The a
  13. You should wait at least 30 min before applying the moisturizer. I use jojoba oil, personally.
  14. 8.5 weeks I've been so busy, keeping up here is hard! Just thought I'd leave an update that things are improving a lot. I've had a few come on go on my cheeks, but not huge painful ones or anything severe. My scars are fading a little. It's a slow process. I might speed up the scar healing by using retin-a on my cheeks, but I think it'll only make them break out more. My forehead, nose, and chin are clear and those scars are MUCH more faded. I definitely think I look more pale than I did, but t
  15. I could post links all day... They are high in sugar. That doesn't mean they'll break you out, necessarily. We all have different triggers. For me, bananas don't cause a break out, but many other sources of sugar do. http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-bananas-i9040 http://www.finetuneyou.com/Bananas.html http://blog.nutritiondata.com/ndblog/2007/...d_are_bana.html http://www.mercola.com/nutritionplan/foodalert.htm#Bananas @OP - I forgot to mention last night that the diffe