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  1. I knew it was expensive but didn't realize how much. That's just the meds. Then you have, I'm assuming monthly derm visits + blood tests and whatever other products you may need to help with side effects.
  2. hope everyone is doing the best they can with the holidays rolling around. I know it can be difficult going to social gatherings and seeing family, the comments and trying to not compare yourself to others.
  3. have you found luck with the clarisonic thus far? - I would also stick to the regimen as listed but I'm just curious do you feel youve seen results with it.
  4. do you have a new routine you'd like to try now or do you plan on just letting your skin adjust to coming off the regimen?
  5. yes you can incorporate it into your own regimen. I'd read up on the acne.org regimen and see where you'd like to add AHA into yours, see if they overlap. I emphasize baby steps when using it because it can, at least for me, cause irritation in the beginning.
  6. After 8 months I'd say try another regimen unfortunately. I've been finding results using a SA cleanser and AHA/moisturizer afterwards. I hope you find something that works for you
  7. Hm, rub it in well and let it sink in before going outside?
  8. I don't recommend antibiotics, I was on them twice and it cleared me and the acne came right back afterwards. It's a very temporary fix. You're aware that antibiotics effect bcp effectiveness? What kind of topicals do you use? I was on birth control for 4 years before, and came off it and ended up getting bad acne, I waited a year to see if I'd balance out. Nope. Though I was never clear on bcp, it did help. I ended up going back on it after the year. It's been about a year being back on it, a
  9. have you followed the regimen to the letter? any modifications? do you use jojoba oil to balance out flakiness? - what other methods have you tried in the past?
  10. I also hope it works out for you. Just follow the steps accordingly and if you feel to make any adjustments for yourself, please do.
  11. A lot of people don't see results until about 4+ months in. I would start AHA once you feel used to BP and start SLOWLY. Like a pea sized amount every 2-3 days and see how that goes. My skin did not like it for a while, even going slowly... it just took a while to adjust. - You can definitely skip if you feel the need or if you forget or for whatever reason, but keep in mind that may cause breakouts. Depends. Redness will happen with BP until your skin adjusts, so use less if you feel the nee
  12. call the # on the back of your card and see if they can tell you
  13. takes getting used to

    I swear by this! At first my skin was like "whyyy why are you doing this?" it got red and irritated even with small pea sized use only every other day. I don't know what changed but my skin got used to it and I use it nightly as moisturizer with jojoba and my skin looks so much smoother and my scars aren't as bad. I still have acne (haha?) but my skin that stays or tries to stay clear, looks 100% better than before using this. Definitely recommend for people with scars/uneven skin - just go slow
  14. Not great, I am still keeping up with my regimen and I was doing well but now I'm bad again. It's the same roller coaster as ten years ago. To top off my frustration I'm the healthiest I've ever been, eating well, just about only water, exercise and my acne is still there - so I'll always be skeptical of what causes it because I've done it all [almost].
  15. I also moisturize with the regimen moisturizer and then put some jojoba on my hands and pat it on my face, it's definitely helped with flakes/dryness.