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  1. Let us know how it goes. Milk and Cheese has been completely off my diet. I rarely consume food with processed sugar. Here's a short article from times explaining the effects of milk on cystic acne. As for my topical regime. Morning: 2% Salicylic Acid wash (Peter Thomas Roth) + Oil Free SPF 15 moisturizer (Anthony Logistics) Post-workout: Glycolic Facial Cleanser (Anthony Logistics) + Oil Free Moisturizer (Peter Thomas Roth) Night: 2% Salicylic Acid wash (Peter Thomas Roth) + Oil Free Moist
  2. I'm a 27 y/o asian male. Been battling with mild to severe acne since I was 21. Tried almost all types of OTC topical treatments including Proactive, SkinID, Neutragena, etc. Some of them worked but all of them left my skin feeling dry and unnatural. BP caused severe redness even after months of usage, also my skin has developed some type of allergic reaction to it. Never tried any diet regime until recently. After I cut out dairy (milk & cheese, mainly) my severe acne (cysts) have been gr
  3. So I've just started using OTC retinol topical products and was wondering if it would be wise to combine it with the 5% BP that I'm currently using. For those of you who have retinol topical products and BP in your regime, what do you suggest? My current daily routine: A.M. Shave Cetaphil Daily Cleanser BP Oil free moisturizer with 15SPF P.M. Cetaphil Daily Cleanser BP Oil free moisturizer
  4. Definitely not! There are natural ways to keep your skin clear (supplements, green smoothies, different diet), and many people have documented success from those methods, but most people find it easier to stick to a topical solution. If BP clears you up and you stop using it, you may break out because the BP is what is preventing your acne from developing. However, perhaps if you start using a more natural acne remedy (change in diet for example) while you are using BP and you gently wean yourse
  5. Oh wow, I'm three and half weeks into Dan's regimen, and I'm only up to two-thirds of a finger.. which leads me to answer your question below with my personal experience. Like I said, I'm three and a half weeks in, and I'm not even using a full finger. I have the same problem as you, face is itchy, tingly, dry, and flaky each time I increase the amount of BP each week. Before moving onto a higher dosage, I wait until my skin is pretty tolerate of the current amount I'm using (like only t
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm using almost a full finger length of 2.5% BP. I've been on BP since a year ago when I decided to try Neutragena's SkinID so I thought my face was well adjusted to BP but I guess not. I will look into the baby brush method when I'm further in Dan's regimen. Not sure about jojoba oil, seeing as some members say that the oil causes them to breakout more. I am a true believer of minimalism...trying to apply as less products as possible onto my skin. Thanks fo
  7. I started Dan's regimen the beginning of this week. I've been battling with moderate face Acne since 2005. Tried Proactive, SkinID, over-the-counter topical products, all of which do work to a certain extent but leaves my skin feeling irregular (dry, irritated, not like a regular healthy person's skin). Heres the product I'm using. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (I love this stuff) 2.5% BP (leftover from my SkinID regimen) Cetaphil Moisturizer (evenings) Neutragena SPF15 moisturizer (day) So
  8. Hello forum! I've been suffering from Acne since 2005. I've tried both Proactive and SkinID both of which worked for a while but then left my skin worse than it was before. Stumbled upon acne.org a few years ago, did not start Dan's regimen until this week. Here's what I'm using... Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser 2.5% BP SPF15 Neutragena Moisturizer(DAY) + Cetaphil Moisturizer(EVENING) I'm on my 4th day on the regimen, main difference I've noticed is how I am very very gentle with washing / applyin