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  1. For the past couple of days it's been basically the same thing, I've been making a lot of Chef's salads that include: Lettuce, raddish, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, ham, turkey, and I have been using house italian dressing. Besides that, I've been eating a lot of fruit and and drinking a lot more water. I started breaking out yesterday after my skin had almost hit 100% clear, I believe it was from the fast food I was eating, so I'm going back to sticking with this diet, I really believe it wo
  2. Day 10: Breakfast: Couple glasses of cranberry juice and an apple Lunch: Steak and veggies that I cooked on the grill Dinner: A homemade stir fry with just vegetables Day 11: Breakfast: an apple and some carrots Lunch: Taco bell...I know I know!, I had college classes all day, and than had to work that night, so in between I had to eat something. Dinner: Went out to eat, got a medium-rare steak and some broccoli, managed to stay away from the potatoes. Day 12: Funny....I broke out with
  3. Day 9: Breakfast: A glass of V8 juice and an orange Lunch: Made a taco salad with lean ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa, and a little bit of sour cream Dinner: Cabbage and Roasted turkey. Still going the same, I will post new pictures in a couple of days.
  4. The Sixth and 7th day were pretty much the same, 2-egg ommelettes with green peppers and ham, lots of fruit, and some pork chops at the end of the night. Day 8: Morning: A lot of grapes and cranberry juice Lunch: Two Oranges and some carrots Dinner: Boiled Cabbage and Stewed carrots and cranberry juice Been drinking lots of water today. So far I have seen some difference in my face, the inflammation has gone down, there are fewer pimples popping up, and my face has been less oily. Let's
  5. Fourth day: Breakfast: two apples Lunch: Carrots and ranch Dinner: 2 porkchops Fifth Day: Breakfast: two apples Lunch: Carrots and ranch Dinner: I was hungry at work and ate two slices of pizza...but the pizza had green peppers, red peppers, onions and sausage. Still have not noticed a difference yet.
  6. Third day: Morning: Half a cantaloupe Lunch: Some turkey and green tea Dinner: I drank some tequila last night, and umm, kinda got off track with the diet and ate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.... And I didn't notice any difference yesterday, but today I've been feeling really sick to my stomach, I think I got the stomach flu or something, so I havent really ate much today other then some fruit and cranberry juice. I'm still going to stick the diet, but when your sick, it's really
  7. Ehlo, The diet makes no reference to almonds, that's why I chose them instead of anything else. I know salt is a no-no, but even Dan said it himself, you need some sort of flavor in food lol.
  8. Day number 2: Breakfast: A two egg omelette with tomatoes, bell pepper, and ham. I also had a glass of chochlate milk, I know it's against the rules, but this is only one screw up so far. Lunch/Dinner: I got creative sorta, cooked 4 small pieces of pork with a little bit of garlic salt on each, sauteed some oniones, bell peppers and tomatoes, put those on top, and added some lemon juice, it tasted pretty good. Snakes: Two apples, two plums, some grapes, and half a can of lightly salted almon
  9. Well, I took a giant leap today and started this new Paleo diet, here our some current pictures of my acne that I took yesterday before I started the diet today: And heres what I have ate today so far: Morning: Apple (Wasnt that hungry lol) Evening: Some rotisserie chicken, a glass of V8 organic veggie juice, some yams, and an orange, took a centrum complete vitamin, and a fish oil vitamin. Tonight: Some cornbeef and cabbage with asparagus and some fruit I will be updating this l
  10. I'm still waiting to try the diet...my access code key didn't work.
  11. Dan, I would like to try the diet out, but could you answer this question for me first?
  12. Hmmm, I would love to test this theory out, I'm always up for kicking acne in the rear. Buuuut, I have a couple questions first. I would hate to get off the CSR regimen, would it be absolutely necessary to quit the regimen while on this diet? Or could we have a small test group that tests the diet on the regimen, and a small test group that is not on the regimen doing the diet?
  13. I have very sensitive skin, and it didn't do anything to my face, good nor bad, it just smelled really bad
  14. Thanks alot for the help everyone. I figured there was a link between the two.