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  1. "davidst, first of all, that was a weird way to approach that. Sounds kinda rude. Anyways, I am on accutane because I am 22 and have been on many different medications for mild acne since I was 12. Nothing has worked. I had temporary results with Tetracyclin but as soon as I became physically active it got really bad on my back, if you look at the pictures in this thread then you will see that I am infact telling you the truth. But regardless, it has obviously been a safe decision since my derma
  2. ^ thats what everybody around here seems to say even though you clearly said you stopped using it for 6 months, lol i got a forehead wrinkle from bp. its permanent. possibly a retioid (sp) like differin can plump it back up
  3. i read you should only exfoliate two times a week at most, so i want to know if i can use this every day or just twice a week http://www.amazon.com/Jason-Natural-Cosmet...ACJZ2N823E9GNF7
  4. i mostly have blackheads, not many pimples. depending on what i eat ill get some will differin still give me an IB if i dont get much pimpz?
  5. saph, put my mind to ease too. if whatever scaring you had, a boy you liked had.. how would you mind it
  6. i wouldnt expect any more help from the guy who made this topic. he last logged in in august of last year
  7. AutonomousOne1980, did you ever get random scarring on your face from the fish oil?
  8. bumping this topic.. seems very useful for ppl
  9. can i ask why are you on accutane? you dont really look like you have acne?
  10. if youre honestly that pretty that people are willing to drop 25 hundred dollar fees than maybe you should take a couple of deep breaths, relax, and rethink some things what im doing is going to get a blood test to see what exactly i have going on with me. if youre dead set on lasering yourself up, maybe you should do that first too.. it would suck if you fixed everything up and then this random scaring problem came back