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  1. Thanks. I'll try talking to him about it again. And I've already seen that website but I guess it wouldn't hurt me to reread it!
  2. I thought that I'd log my progress as I fight skin picking! I'm not going to count the days cause that just seems to stress me out and hasn't worked in the past. I haven't picked for a few days, and I don't plan on it! I just simply haven't felt the urge. I've been playing a lot of guitar which keeps my fingers busy. But it seems that I mostly need to rely on WILL POWER to not pick. Wish me luck! Hope all of you are doing well also!
  3. So I haven't been on here in forever. I'm still picking and I just can't stop. I can never fight the urge. I've been horribly depressed and anxious and whenever I get anxious I feel like I HAVE to pick to be okay. I guess I'm just coming on here for some support and maybe some advice on stopping. Cause it makes me feel so ugly and worthless and ashamed. And I just want to stop but it's so hard, I'm sure you all know that. I've tried talking to my pyschologist about it but I just get really em
  4. Im on day 2 today:) got some new face wash that will hopefully help a little bit. I will NOT pick today! @socialbutterfly16 don't feel discouraged, 5 days is GREAT!! Keep it up. And you are right, keep your hands off those whiteheads! Just cover them up with makeup for now and they will go away on their own:) @myhorriblehabit aw, don't worry, you can start again and do ever BETTER than before:)
  5. You guys are doing awesome!!! Keep up the good work! As for me, well I picked like 5 minutes ago:,( guess I'm starting over again tomorrow...:/
  6. Looks like its just you and me lol. Thanks for the tip I'll try that next time hopefully there wont be a next time:) I don't have much for tips, I'm just trying not to pick and thats all I guess:/
  7. Anyone here??? This forum seems to have died..
  8. Hey guys, haven't been on in forever!! (I know I say that every time I come on) well ugh ive been picking A LOT with all the stress from school.. And I've been picking ALL OVER ... My face, next, shoulders, back, arms, chest, legs.. It's awful:( well I'm hoping for the best and hopefully I can get myself back under control soon... I mean when I pick I completely lose myself..I just can't stop. I'll just keep trying.. Iike I always do. How is everyone else doing?
  9. Well usually what I do I start picking at my chest or arms or back, then I get all into it:/ and then I go to the mirror and pick my face... and yeah, Ive been breaking out slot, even more since I've been picking