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  1. I often wonder if the vehemently anti-euro protesters have ever left the UK? I travel a lot, mostly in Europe and the convenience of having one currency can not be under-estimated. I am always annoyed when I return to the UK and suddenly I have a fistful of useless money and if I want to change it into sterling I have to pay my bank a processing fee and then I loose even more due to the exchange rates. To all those who see the Euro as weak and feel safer with a strong sterling, let me ask
  2. Hi Dan, welcome to the boards! I'm not going to give you advice about to prevent your cystic acne, simply because there are so many different paths open to you. So I'll give you a few general pointers... You could try the regimen, but be careful of the BP irritating your face and causing more acne, you could try topical or oral anti-bio tics (prescribed by your doctor) or as a very last resort Accuatane. But research that option VERY CAREFULLY. There are possible side effects, some quite se
  3. Yep I use that stuff too. It works very well indeed!
  4. Well, a thought occurred to me a few days ago. The only areas that I was still breaking out in was the areas I apply BP. The rest of my face has long since cleared up. So I stopped the BP and lo and behold I am clear. I think this is because I have REALLY fair skin and no matter how little or low the concentration of BP it was still too much for my skin. Now I just wash with the cleanser bar twice daily and moisturise. If the regimen's not working for you, why not do a trial period of ju
  5. They could be what's called 'pearly white paupals' see http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/0990.html for more info or search google. But my advice is see your doctor. Good luck!
  6. English is my mother tongue, then German, then French and Russian to finish up with! Though it's been years since my Russian has been called into action! One day I'll refresh them all, but for the moment my life consists of a large amount of exams (in English!)
  7. Ah, the wierd and wonderful world of acne
  8. Sorry to hear that the regimen's not working for you. I'm also in England, but I use a differnt product list and it seems to be working... Morning: - Shower. - Clense with Neutragena dry skin bar. - Use lather from bar to shave with Gillette Sesor Excel. - Wait 15 mins after shower, then apply two pea sized lumps of OXY5 BP to lower area of my face. - Wait 10 mins then use Eurcin Face relief cream. Evening: - Wash with Clenser bar as per morning, - Wait 15 mins then apply half
  9. When I started to get acne at about 14 I had zits pretty much all over my face. A fair smattering on my forehead, some on my nose, jaw, mouth, temples etc...In fact everyhting but my cheeks. But it's been slowly trailing off recently. Now the only places I get zits are the areas just SW and SE of my bottom lip. So to my question...Has this been the case for anyone else? I have a feeling that this may be my teenage acne coming to an end (I'm 18.) Has anyone here come through teenage acn
  10. Hey AtomAnt! I usually wash my face with plain water after I work out (usaully at about 7:00 pm) and then perfom the regimen just before I go to bed. I only wash with water to get the sweat off my face so it doesn't clog the pores and I haven't had any breakouts using this method. hope this helps!
  11. Yep, DO NOT apply much BP to the neck area at first. It will hurt/itch/glow red for days! You have to ramp it up very slowly. Good luck with the book!
  12. No, shaving will not *help* your acne. But if you do it as detailed on the regimen it will not make it any worse either. Therefore only shave when you have to, there is no benefit to shaving more often. In fact shaving when you don't have to will probably irritate your skin Good luck!
  13. I know that your BP tube will probably have something like...
  14. Well exfoliating (using a product or flannel to remove dead skin and other gunk from the skins surface) is the usual way of removing unwanted material. But caution should be used as it could easily irritate your skin and that will only add to your problems. But the moisturiser should help with the smoothness and maybe even some of the oiliness! Good luck :mrgreen: