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  1. What? I'm sorry, but what you just said makes no sense. Eating healthy does not require money - just a bit of sacrifice. The only part of your statement that makes sense is : dedication. And dedication can lead to clear skin. I suppose it is just a matter of how long someone can go with acne before they decide to change their lifestyle a bit.
  2. Elevated bumps that don't appear to have fluid in them. Those are definitely an allergic reaction or possibly a fungus. But I would go with allergy.
  3. It's not about wheat vs oats. It's about grains. If you have issues with around the mouth acne or cysts, try cutting out all grains. This worked for me. Just give it a shot. There are alternatives to getting your dietary fiber. Again, your trigger may be different, but grains of any type are not good for absorption of nutrients.
  4. Moisturizers are tough. My skin doesn't like moisturizers, and the only one it can handle is AHA+ from the DKR line of products. Peoples' skin are very different across the board. My skin is naturally very oily, so I suspect if I never use BP gel, I would not need moisturiser. A healthy oil balance is good, however, the BP line keeps my skin a bit dry, and so I must use AHA+. Moisturiser is tricky because it can actually promote clogging of pores in some cases.
  5. I highly recommend the following documentaries : - forks over knives - fathead - fat, sick, and nearly dead All of which are available for free on hulu. I have criticisms about all of them, but what all of them do well is clearly illustrate a point. The body eventually gives up the fight, and I believe a stroke is a very very life-changing experience, caused by a lifetime of poor habits. Heart attacks, heart disease, and cancer can all be reversed and prevented a lot of the time. M
  6. Dan's moisturizer and cleanser are amazing. I don't use "two pumps" as the bottles direct, instead I sparsely spread it around my face.
  7. Thanks man. It's weird, I learned a lot about health in general from this acne website, but that information didn't do much for my acne or oily skin. I'm actually planning on taking low dose accutane on my next derm appointment, since diet didn't work for me. I'll keep eating healthy, but I want something that actually makes my skin look decent. Just curious, but... Where in your diet are you getting your fat and cholesterol? How many carbs per day were you eating? What was the basis of your
  8. You don't have to eat lean meats. In fact, enjoy the fat and good cholesterol. Just keep it in moderation. Cut out the oatmeal (it's actually not good for the skin). In fact, wheat is not good for the skin at all. If you love bread, go for "paleo bread". It's a bread high in protein and low in carbohydrates and contains no wheat. http://www.healthext...o-bread-recipe/ Here's a recipe I found the other day. Eat most of your carbohydrates in vegetables that are anti-inflammato
  9. Kasyani, No, I didn't eat cabbages to get rid of them I can give you a simple list of what made up the basis of my diet : -saturated fats (a lot. Avocados, bacon, beef, chicken, pork, fish) -kale greens (every variety) -zucchini -no processed foods -no junk food -no drinking -no smoking -foods high in good cholesterol -less than 100g cars per day Click on my diet log link to see what I did. I never had the discipline to jump away from mcdonalds, jbox, and all of the othe
  10. I'm glad you're spreading this truth. I'm here to tell people that accutane is wrong. I have friends who have gone on it, and regret it entirely. It really pains me to see people promoting it because they take it, and don't want to feel as if they made the wrong decision. I'm a firm believer in diet, and went clear through diet.
  11. Omnivium, your signature is incredible. I love it. OP, read his signature. I want to help you because I've had a similar condition. I want to start by asking you exactly what you eat. And you have to be honest, or else I cannot help you. What medical conditions do you have, what other symptoms do you have? Inflammation starts from within. If you want to cure inflammation, you eat anti-inflammatory foods, and go on a diet, while restricting carbohydrates. Accutane, or isotretinoin doesn't "
  12. I have typed a lot of information here, which I hope reaches someone. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. Try and target the main factors of acne, all of which can cause it, and all of which can be prevented over time. The key word here is preventative. The initial poster mentions that there are "so many factors". But let's take our exposed connections to the outside world : -skin - tons of exposure, but this system is primarily exposed to the sun, clothi