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  1. so i took accutane last year, which really helped my skin a lot.. the only complaints as of recently that i had were my clogged pores. i decided to go to my dermatologist again about it and she recommended atralin (a gentler retin-a that's collagen based). i was ecstatic that i finally had an answer for my clogged pores, but am so dismayed that i'm a little over a week in and my skin is WAY worse than it was and is probably almost as bad as it was before accutane!! should i give up? what do
  2. Has anyone ever tried either of these foundations and had problems with them? Or perhaps (hopefully) any good experiences? I am curious because I hear that they make you look like you're not wearing any foundation, which I would love to try if it wouldn't break me out!
  3. Still dealing with clogged pores, but definitely not as bad as what I had before.. Not sure what to do about the clogged pores, though. Sigh.. I'm taking Doxycycline and Spironolactone. No regrets on having taken Accutane.. I loved it... even though I wish it would have helped a little more with the clogged pores.
  4. I was on Minocycline for about 2ish months (from January until recently) when suddenly I developed really bad vertigo. I also had some previous side effects that I can't seem to remember at the moment, but I just kept on taking Minocycline because it was working so well. I am so dismayed because I was practically clear and now I'm starting to break out again. I'm afraid of trying Doxycycline because I remember having a HORRIBLE break out while on it. :/ Any suggestions? Sucks that I still ha
  5. I went to the dermatologist and have officially been taken out of the iPledge system Anyway, she prescribed me Aczone (which I am really liking right now.. it's a gentle topical that she said would be perfect for my post-Accutane skin.. it's really new on the market and it's an anti-inflammatory), Spironolactone (which I have been on before my senior year of high school when I had really great skin), and Minocycline (because I have some kind of weird rash somthing-dermatitis on my face -_-)
  6. I'm having the weirdest break out right now... a random tiny pimples. Any insight? I thought Accutane was supposed to work. ;(
  7. I use the Natural Finish Foundation SPF 15 and, in my opinion, it's by far the best foundation I've ever used. Maybe you can do an exchange?
  8. Do you know why your dermatologist doesn't like claravis? And also, what kind of foundation did you buy because I actually feel like mine makes me look like I'm not wearing foundation.. If it's the same one, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you :/ I don't like her concealer, personally... Too dry. Glad to see your progress
  9. I feel like I'm breaking out or I'm noticing every single clogged pore and picking at it. What is wrong with me?:/ does this mean accutane didn't work?
  10. I never get cysts and I must say that this one has been a definite bummer. It takes up my whole forehead.. I also have some marks from picking small clogged pores... UGHHH. Does this mean Accutane is out of my system and won't work anymore? I'm pretty sure it's been almost a month..
  11. I hope it keeps getting better, too! Just checking in... skin is doing alright, I guess.. wish I was still on it. My mom called and left my derm an angry message for taking me off when I clearly wasn't ready and they said that they couldn't do anything unless she saw me first, so we'll just wait for that
  12. I will try that. I NEVER use topicals.. :/ I used to a long time ago, but I honestly gave up on them. Tea tree oil from time to time, but topicals are such an annoyance to me. I felt a LITTLE bit better because I read about people getting their clearest the month after they got off.. so we will see!!
  13. Your derm has it spot on, hahah. I could stare in my mirror for hours looking at every single thing wrong with my skin, too. My enlarged pores have been annoying me the most lately. PLEASE don't worry about your facial hair, LOL! Ohhhh.. I love vanilla. Can't wait to see how you like the masks.
  14. Doesn't it feel like now that we are starting to get clear that instead of just noticing the acne, which we thought was our biggest "issue," we notice EVERY LITTLE FLAW (even if some might be a little exaggerated!). It's crazy to me! I have been noticing my "huge" pores, my hyperpigmentation, wondering if Accutane made my hair thinner, etc. And to think, I always thought that if I got rid of my acne, I would feel so great about myself. I'm sure you are just hyping it up, honestly. Do you have an
  15. I sure hope that's what happens, haha!! At least a year!? Bummer. I wonder if I can do chemical peels. Hmmm. You're getting really far along in your course, by the way!