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    Well I am on month 3 of accutane for the 2nd time.. I took 40mg the first month and it cleared me up. It was amazing and I was so happy I didn't have much of an initial breakout. I took 40mg again the 2nd month because there was some problems with my insurance otherwise I would have been on 60mg. I went to my derm on Monday and I can now get 60mg..just waiting for the pharmacy to call me. My skin is clear again and throughout these past few months I just got a couple of really small
  2. Hello everybody! Okay well I officially have mild acne. For this past 2-3 weeks my skin has just been breaking out again(no more one or two small pimples).. So right now I have a few on each cheek and the sides of my face. It doesn't look too horrible but since my skin had been clear for so long after accutane, it really just depressed my yesterday. Yesterday was my derm. appt. and we talked and talkedetc. I didn't want to use any topicals or antibiotic again bcs I have used all of the
  3. Hi!My story is somewhat like yours. Except I'm 17 and I started having acne young lol. I tried everything and antibiotics also and birth control and was too scared to go on accutane because I felt my acne wasn't thaaat bad. Birth control for me,like you, helped but I did not get 100% clear skin. When I stopped birth control I broke out like crazy, of course because hormones adjust. But I finally went on accutane last year at this date I believe..wow or November 16 2009. I took it until June 1st
  4. Wow the person who broke out after two years is so lucky. I took accutane for 6-7 months and after finishing I kept clearing up. Here and there I would get one or two very small pimples and it would go away quick. But lately now after 5 &1/2 months I am breaking out. I feel like I have very mild acne. I know it's just a breakout but after months of being clear I had a nervous breakdown. My derm told me it's normal to break out a bit after accutane and to use topicals but I haate topicals. I
  5. thank you very much..I will call her tomorrow if it's worse. It was just such a random breakout that I got so scared.
  6. Okay well my skin was doing great. It was just sometimes when I would get a small pimple. Idk why lately I have been getting small whiteheads and just idk I am so sad right now. I don't want to complain but should I go on accutane again? I really don't know what to do. Idk how to describe my skin at the moment.
  7. WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I can not believe it's been 5 months... My skin is still clear. I have broken out SOMETIMES..and as I said last time it's like two or three small pimples. It's usually before my period when I get it. I remember it was one time when I felt my skin was really going upside down but that was because I didn't sleep well or drink water at all. But now everything is fine. I don't have a lot of marks and I never got clarisonic. I still want it, but I forgot all about it. I've
  8. My skin is clear-ER. I didn't get clarisonic yet. The marks on my face have 90% faded away by itself. I am using this papaya soap, "Likas", and it has helped a lot with the marks. My hair is finally not as dry and actually starting to get soft again. I have been using Garnier Fructis triple nutrition fortifying cream conditioner. My skin really isn't dry at all and my lips are normal. All together everything has been great and I am beyond thankful. Oh yeah; SOOMMMEEETIIIMMMES I have gotten
  9. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO EXPENSIVE!!! ahhh, I want it soooo badly! I want to maintain the clarity on my skin and I have read so many reviews on how it helps for scars and I am so fsibsdggd to buy it!! ... I hope my sister or mom gets it for me, I mean I know it is 200$$..but it lasts a long time so its worth it.. I will make a new post when I finally do get it .. ahh i hope soon. I'm such a skin freek now.
  10. Hello everyone, I can't believe its been a month already; a month and 7 days to be exact. My skin still looks good, but the oiliness on my nose has come back. It's not at all like how it used to be though. Just by the end of the day I get a slight oiliness. Maybe it's just my eyes but, i feel like on my lower cheek/jawline I'm getting acne under my skin. But i guess its just marks, it just looks weird to me. Other people tell me there is absolutely nothing on my skin, so I guess I'm
  11. I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I AM DONE! I AM DONE! well i was 2 days ago, i cant beleive it. words cannot express my joy and happiness because my wish came true. waking up in the morning just washing my face and not worrying about anything. i dont wanna jinx myself. i hope it stays this way. i love this medication like i love my mom. i am just really happy..and i just dont beleive it. time goes by fast. i wish all of you luck and hope that your sk
  12. w o w i am so amazed that i went through 6 months. 20mg->20mg->40mg->40mg->60mg->60mg = =( -> =/ -> =l -> L= -> =) -> =D I'm pretty sad im finishing actually. I just feel weird having the the thought that in a couple of days i wont be taking any meds.. after like suchh a long time. Like every day im gunna say" ooh i have to take my med now" but then ill say. " oh nvm" its a happy thought. but weird. anyways, i really love this new facewash. and i t
  13. OH YAH, i almost forgot. the whole nose swelling thing i talked about went away. i cant beleive some of the stuff i said lol. im so open minded.
  14. OMG! okay so my insuranse will not cover my relapse that my doc. wanted from 60 mg(this month 6) to 40mg to 20mg. It will only cover if in 3 mo. my acne returns...ugh how stupid! well all of my acne is goneeeeeeee!! i just cant beleive it. i really have no emotion..idk, i just thought that after accutane and my skin would be clear i would the most happpiest person in the whole world. and of course i am REALLLYYY happy, but im sad that i wasnt happy before. I HOPE ALOT OF PEOPLE READ THIS. Yo
  15. ok sooo im not a 5mo. person. my derm said that ill continue to be on 60 mg this month since i still break out sometimes. and i do, like in a week ill get a pimple, and it'll go away..and yah. then same thing the next week. soooooo hopefully this month ill stop the small breakout and then i will decrease back to 40 and then 20 and then ill be done..=) in..july. i dont mind still taking the meds, as long as in the end im 100% clear. i dont mind getting one ore two pimples OCCASIONALLY eithe