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  1. hey there hows it goin?

  2. ok just was wondering...sorry for being so random lol

  3. ok just wondering..sorry for being so random! lol

  4. Georigia, the state :). Warner Robins to be more specific

  5. are you from georgia the country or georgia, florida. just wonderin cuz i have two best friends from georgia

  6. Well i have been so busy with my new job and my new place I havent really been on here in a while. So i just recieved ,y second month of accutane in the mail yesterday, and im still just as excited about it :] my lips have been rediculously dry, beyond dry ctually, before i found the best stuff for chapped lips CARMEX MOUSTURE PLUS :] my lips would crack and bleed and hurt like hell, but my face is soooooo clear and it doesnt hurt at all. but I cant drink which sucks, i learned that the hard way
  7. I started Minocycline two days ago!

  8. Hello dear, I got headaches about everyday while on minoclycline...

    But it worked like a charm. Best of luck!

  9. Emily, did you have any side effects on Minocycline? I might be going on it and I'm scared because of the possible side effects. :/

  10. Well it's been a while since I have posted anything on here. I have since finished my dose of minocycline. That really helped my face out alot. I am now about to start accutane in about 10 to 14 days. I am ordering it online from a pharmacy in Canada, due to the cost. After my dermatologist wrote my prescription I went to have it filled at the local kroger where I used to get all of my prescriptions filled, and a one month supply would have cost me $300 or more. I am going to be paying $70 a mon
  11. I was, it's a serious blow to your self esteem when you look all pimply. Don't give up guys, it seems easier said than done. But it's true. I've seen super hot guys with acne. And girls too, people can still be attractive with acne. Good luck guys
  12. No, it didn't help much. I think mine is too bad, and u don't have insurance either, I'm paying for all my visits and everything.