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  1. Has anyone come across information or had experience using copper peptides and retin a at the same time? My main question is if I can apply them both at the same time without inactivating either of them? My plan is to use Super CP serum in the morning and at night after dermarolling and hopefully along with retin a to repair some shallow rolling scars. Thanks
  2. I have not tried the ALCAT test, but I have heard of it and read some online reviews. I would like to try it sometime . . . most of the reviews are pretty good. I am sometimes skeptical about online reviews though . . . It would be awesome if it worked well and you found out something usefull. I just wouldn't want to swear off a type of food just because a controversal test told me I was alergic to it though, you know what i mean??
  3. Thank you for the reply. Do you know how many treatments are usually recommended to get significant results?
  4. lol einstein is alive??

    1. I've been hearing and reading good things about subcision for shallow rolling scars. I have a few on each cheek, they are fairly wide but very shallow and can only be seen in over head light. So I just wanted to know people's experiences and how many treatments it would take to see significant results, and by significant I mean 80 - 100% repair. I had one round done with subcision(my doc called it undermining) and filler, the results were pretty good but did not last long. So I know what the det
    2. Arnica Montana tablets help tremendously with bruising. You can get them cheap on amazon.
    3. luv ur avatar!! =P

      1. It seems that you should just stick with it for the next four weeks. I haven't been doing it for quite that long. Directed to All: What I really need is spot treatment, which tretinoin does not perform well at. Although I could use the anti-scarring effects. I have convinced myself to stop, without any help from my fellow acne.org-ers, based on the following: I was never prescribed the topical, sun and spring break are impending within the next two weeks, and I have a feeling that my skin
      2. Doesn't have to be a high fat meal. thats just bad advice. You should take it during or after a meal. Accutane is going to get absorbed no matter what food you eat. Ironic/moronic comment since you have no idea what your talking about.
      3. I got my H1N1 and seasonal flu shots about 2 months ago while I was still on accutane and had no side effects. I told my doctor before and she said it was not a problem.
      4. Yes, It's ok to take fish oil. I think it's acutally suppose to help with any joint discomfort you might have as a side effect. As for helping with fading post inflamatory hyperpigmention, I would probably tell you not to expect much during treatment. But they will fade with time, and much faster after your done with accutane. There are many other proven researches of the benefits of fish oil: Cardiovascular health Better brain function Less depression and psychosis Helps prevent cancer more .
      5. halifax- Thanks for your input, my additional thought is that if you went on retin-a before your treatment of accutane it could affect you differently after your finished. That's what my derm has told me anyway, along with other treatments . . . antibiotics mainly but she also mentioned retin-a. Did retin-a help with spots/scars though? or just make you more sensitive with no benefits?
      6. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Completed...42#entry2754942
      7. I got my H1N1 & seasonal flu shots 4 days ago, and i'm fine. My doc knew that I was on accutane and wasn't concerned.