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  1. I know exactly what you mean. And now I'm glad I know that the only reason my face was itchy is becasue i was using shitty products, like neutrogena and clean and clear. I would use it once and it would dry my face, which got more oily and then got more itchy, because the product was so wrong for my face it didn't agree at all. I am using burt's bees orange essence cleanser and its the only product ive ever found that keeps my face in balance. I don't recommend using benzoyl peroxide, it promot
  2. Thanks a lot, its kinda disappointing that i did so much research and i only found out good things about using those kind of oils....and it didnt work at all for me. but the burt's bees is working really well, i'll stick with it
  3. I don't hate the mirror as much as I hate taking pictures! Flash seems to emphasize the worst parts of your face
  4. I recently started using Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial cleanser when i learned about oil cleansing method, so I'm trying to use more natural oils. The facial cleanser contains a few oils in it and it made my face very clear and not dry at all. I also needed a moisturizer and I bought virgin coconut oil and some sweet almond oil. Yesterday I used the coconut oil for the first time and I felt like it made my acne worse, like a ton of blackheads. I feel like it healed some previous acne but my