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    Jesus, music, soccer, volunteering, school, dancing, fashion, talking, eating..uhm...
  1. I want to tell you that your story and progress pics are so inspirational. You have come such a long way and you look gorgeous congrads on the beautiful skin. I can totally agree and I am going through the samething and I just purchased the regimen. I am hoping for the same success.I am eager and excited. I am also Haitian but I live in NY :).

  2. It cost fortune because i bought the the big bp plus the aha and got the 2-3 days shipping but spending money on treatments for my face is not all foreign to me, plus i figured its a good investment since the regimen have been working well for me. I've been on it for a good 2 months now but i've been using 10% bp from clean and clear, it got rid of all my bumps i only got about 3 lil tiny bumps probably from the Florida heat i doubt its acne. I'm switching to the 2.5 bp because i think it will b
  3. Oh man! ur making me cry! i don't think my acne has ever been as bad as yours, but i can relate in the way that we're both 20 and you feel like the best years of your life are passing you by because of you acne! yes i've felt that way, and i've cried over my face, even when my mom and friends told me it wasn't so bad, and i've never gave myself a chance to even have a boyfriend even when the guy i liked told me he also like me. Its just ridiculous how crazy acne can drive a person, and no matter
  4. Trust me I can relate! but not sleeping isn't helping ur acne go away getting enough sleep its recommended to get clearer skin, I did Dan's regime with 10% BP and it worked pretty good for me. So try to get some sleep, drink a lot of water and just stay positive, and you will be in my prayers tonight!
  5. drinie89

    Clearer than ever!

    this the best skin that i've had since the last 8 years. I'm wearing makeup in those pictures so i look almost flawless!
  6. drinie89

    The products

    those are the products i've used in the pass 4 weeks while doing the regimen, some i've using, read captions
  7. drinie89

    Almost 3 weeks into the regimen

    I'll take some better pics, but you can see the difference
  8. drinie89

    Before the regimen a month ago

    I was extremely desperate at this point and at my lowest. I even found my self crying over how my face looked and not wanting to go to school or work.