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  1. I was walking with my mom, and some lady said "Your daughter is just gorgeous"...it was awkward...
  2. I find ice always makes it redder for a moment and then bumpy and whiteish with a pinkish ring around it like a mosquito bite 10 seconds later...but then that just might be me...
  3. I know quite a few girls with acne...it just usually tends to be less noticeable then the guys because they wear makeup.
  4. If you do notice your skin gets more irritated or breaks out when you eat certain foods, don't eat that food. Otherwise, chocolate just probably isn't the endpoint for your acne, and you don't have to worry about it.
  5. I agree you should probably get new coverstick, but if you still have problems, I find putting moisturizer on first, and waiting until it's nearly dry helps the makeup go on better and not look cakey..maybe dampen your brush as well so you can soften the edges around where you apply the makeup..?
  6. Don't pick, it'll leave a bump that looks slightly like a mosquito bite, which is not attractive. Plus it takes longer to heal after that. I rinse, pat dry and leave. I've stopped using any creams or anything on my face. Sensitive to too much of it.
  7. Depending on if I'm feeling miserable or not, 5-20 minutes. If I'm wearing the bare mininum- Vaseline on eyelashes, and then mascara, a bit of eyeliner, a bit of cover stick. If I'm feeling miserable, moisturizer (have to wait ten minutes to dry properly) foundation, mascara, a bit of eyeliner, a bit of cover stick and a bit of Vaseline or Shea butter on my lips if they're dry. I find most of the time though foundation makes me look like I have more bumps, and it just seems to accentuate my ac
  8. I have definitely in the past, except I didn't fake, I actually became ill with a fever from being so distressed and anxious about having to go out in public. This year I've promised to really work on my health, which so far has really helped in all other aspects of my life. I'm so much more motivated, ambitious, happy. I don't know, it might not have been the same last year when I wasn't taking good care of myself, but I find it's a waste of time worrying about future, or longing for the pa
  9. Upper cheek because I can never seem to cover it up, right in the middle of forehead, or nose. Or chin. Chin's bad, because when you smile it looks hideous. Well it looks hideous on me anyway.