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  1. Thank you guys! I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one going through this. I guess I'll just wait it out and let the medicine take its course, I knew it wouldnt be an easy ride. I'm currently taking 40 mg a day
  2. Okay so I'm starting my 2nd month on Accutane, and I have soooo many blackheads its ridiculous. I did not have a blackhead problem prior to taking Accutane. I head that they will fall or they are easily washed away, but mines are showing not signs of improvement. They are dark and visible on my nose and cheeks and light on my chin. My skin feels rough...I was to exfoliate or use a wash that has small microbeads that eliminate the dry skin but I do know what I should do. I would try Aveeno's Dail
  3. Hello! I was wondering what supplements or vitamins I should take while on Accutane what will help my joints and bones? I work out alot and already experience knee pain here and there, and I want to prevent all possible injuries! I know to shy away from vitamin A completely.. What vitamins and supplements are you guys taking and what are their benefits? I'm interested in something for bone/joint health, hair loss, mood/energy...thanks for your help!
  4. Hopefully we both have a good experience!

  5. Hey! I will be starting my dose soon...I'm so excited...good luck!

  6. Thank you both! I guess I will just have to work extra hard and try to stay focus.... Getting rid of this acne is my main concern right now, 6 months of side effects is nothing compared to years of embarrassment and insecurity AZ0889...How bad is your acne and have you noticed any improvements?? Janem...How does your skin look now? How bad was it before? and what other side effects have you experienced??
  7. HELLO! I will start Accutane on Nov 25th, and I am sooooooo excited I do have a few questions for some of you who have already taken Accutane, or are currently taking it... 1. How severe is the lack of concentration? Depression? Fatigue? and other side affects relating to mood? I'm a pre-med student and I have 10 month baby boy..basically I have alot on my plate and I cant afford the loss of concentration, depression, or the cloudy thoughts I have heard about... Is this common? Are ther