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  1. Thanks! Imma try this. Did you have similar severity? And how mmuch do u mix of each and how?
  2. I've done accutane.... cleared rest of face of these stubborn jawline acne... it's red, inflammed, and STUBBORN. Diet helps, but doesn't get rid of it.. just makes it less red. HOW CAN I BRING THEM TO A HEAD NATURALLY? apple cider vinegar? I'm sick of these.... HAD IT SINCE HIGHSCHOOL (about.. almost 9 years?) I'm sick of it.
  3. · Rice powder protein shake (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free) · Almond Milk (Unsweetened, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free) · 2 Organic, Grass fed raw eggs · TBSP Royal Jelly (Ginseng and Honey) · TBSP Peanut Butter · Flaxseed Oil · Fish Oil · Banana or handful of Blueberries Any feedback would be great.
  4. I wanted to revive this thread. I am almost done with my treatment.. in middle of month and potentially want to go to month 6.. I am a lot better but I still got these jawline acne.. and I was hoping treatment would continue to work after treatment.. any comments would be great!
  5. About to start my 5th month.. been on 60mg a day I gotta say that my face is DRASTICALLY better.. I had the initial breakout like CRAZY but now no more active break outs and my face getting real smoother.. However, one thing I'm worried about.. my JAWLINE acne is still present.. it went down a lot but it's still red and inflammed.. I see improvements everyday but I'm just wondering if I should avoid dairy for the rest of my treatment? I don't see why I should considering I been eating whate
  6. I thought my post got deleted.. haha Anyways, I am not walking distance to anything.. if I was I wouldn't be posting this..
  7. Not going into details, but I got myself into some trouble and will have a restricted license for 6-12 months... So, I can imagine it being very hard to get the organic food that I want.. Any advice? I know safeway delivers food.. but never tried it. I would preferably like to buy some organic brands and get it delivered to my house.
  8. it SUCKS.. about to have a restricted license for 6-12 months I don't have a natural/organic food store on the way from my house to work.. anyone know where I can buy organic food (preferably vegetables and fruit) online???
  9. I know what you mean.. I'm not saying that this board doesn't help... I mean I know for a fact that some of the things that helped my skin came from this forum.. But at the same time, if you have bad acne and you're paranoid like me, it can drive you insane..... ESPECIALLY if you have a fast metabolism like me.. it's like a gift and a curse.. Anyways, any other thoughts? I mean.. I'm not saying that binging off sweets and dairy and junkn all day will be cured by just exercising and
  10. I was thinking.. instead of stressing the hell out of yourself with exactly what to eat and losing mad weight.. Wouldn't just intense workout where you sweat crucially and good sleep be enough to clear yourself and negate all affects of eating food? For example, like for grains and sugar, wouldn't exercise reduce glucose levels? I don't know.. maybe I'm wrong. Please post your thoughts..
  11. Nevermind. Went to Home Depot and got the last aloe vera plant. Hopefully this works.
  12. I already do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night for 15 minutes. Helps, but anyone know where to buy aloe vera plants?
  13. I'm already in the process of healing myself inside out with cleaning up my diet.. but in the mean time, is there a way shrink them? (natural, no chemicals) So far for me the answer is no because I have had these stubborn red inflammed mountains for years.....
  14. correct.. thanks, bro you are a veteran on this forum.
  15. I know for a fact that if I stay on a strict paleo/anti candida diet for atleast 2 weeks.. my inflammation will swell down sigficantly. The downfall though is I LOSE A LOT OF WEIGHT AND I HAVE NO ENERGY. I know they say that after a while your body gets used to utilizing the fats for energy, but honestly that could take a long time. So, people who have been successful in maintaining MODERATE/SEVERE acne through diet and still working out... Can you give me a good diet? Can I incorporate goo
  16. If you have a juicer, then you already know how time consuming it is to clean it. This is especially true if you work and/or have a busy schedule. My question is, if I juice a lot more than usual in the mornings, will it still be good to drink throughout the day if I put it in a container? The reason I ask is because I know that it's best to drink it right after it's made, as the oxygen will eventually strip the nutrients out of it. I don't know, just wondering if it's worth it. I'm certain
  17. I eat like 5 table spoons of coconut oil per day. Has helped a lot! What's a good one I can buy online?
  18. I don't wanna get too excited.. but.. I think this thread changed my life! Thank you!
  19. I heard tea tree oil is great as spot treatment (similar to BP), but I also read some testimonials on this forum that mentions that it can be harsh and actually make your skin worse? Also, I heard coconut oil was great - I plan to take it orally. How is it topically? Which is better topically? tree tea oil or coconut oil? Does it matter which types I get? I'm kind of new to these products and it would be great if - from your personal experience - you can share specific product types I can
  20. Doesn't diet affect hormones? See I just don't know if its the cravings that's causing me to want to eat regular... At the same time, I don't even know if this is all worth it if my acne is supposed to outgrow or if I can control it just by emotions.
  21. I'm trying to get another perspective from this section as the Nutrition/Holistic section is basically pro-diet. Anyways, I guess I'm not patient enough, but I really don't want to go through with this diet thing. I been anti-candida- raw foods, etc for about 3-4 months. I guess I am seeing results but I want to know from your perspective (I'm only 24) of people who went strict diets to see if it's worth the money and stress. I KNOW my food triggers, but I don't know I just want to live li