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  1. I have now been using BS for 8 days. My Acne have gotten a little bit worse, but that was expected. Just hope it gets better soon! /Restart
  2. I just used my Beauty Skin for the 3dr day in a row. I haven't noticed any changes, either positive or negative. I read that the acne can get worse when you start using BS but that is not the case for me so far. Tomorrow I will go from directly to another city so I will use the BS tomorrow morning and the following session will be on saturday. /Restarted
  3. 07:30: The clock beeps. It is time for another day at work. I sit up on the bed brink and take my both hands and stroke them over my eyes and face to wake up. I feel some pimples, especially a couple of big ones aching... I run to the bathroom and find a couple of big pimples and a lot of small ones distributed all over my face. Once again I need to go to work with pimples in my face, attend meetings with customers as a professional but not having any self-confident and hiding my face. I feel