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  1. I have been sitting in my room for 3 days straight now, when I go out it's the hoodie up hat low and just to get enough food so I don't starve. I've been sleeping all day in this mini-depression because I had the worst breakout i've ever had spring up on me on Sunday. I went to the docs yesterday and got 100mg Caps of Minocycline 1% Clindamycin with the applier stick Now I can deal with normal breakouts and pimples, as a matter of fact, i'm greatful for the way my face was before this. The whi
  2. so true....but then again pictures for some reason could help so much too, some days i'll be out at a party hating my face then when the pictures come back i'll look 10 times better that what I thought....I think thats no flash with shitty lighting talking
  3. Wow it's cool that you guys feel the same as I do, not cool that you have to go through it though. I finally went to the doctor, I received minocycline capsules and clindamycin to put on my face. Do you guys know anything about it? Hopefully that helps to clear the breakout over the next few days, before I have to go home for thanksgiving etc. Oh and yeah Rise Against is so sick. But seriously, you guys help more than you know, the feeling that somebody actually read what I had to say and respo
  4. You got to ask your Insurance provider. Most Insurances will cover treatment the problem usually is which dermatologists take the Insurance you have. Does Accutane work? My brother has been on it for a while, they had to lower his dosage because it dried up his face and made his skin kind of worse for a while...super dry. I never considered it until yesterday...
  5. I woke up a few days ago with a breakout around my nose, and just below it. Yesterday it got worse, so many white heads around my mouth. Now today it's not worse than yesterday but it's not better. I don't want to go to the dermatologist or doctor because I dont want anyone to look at me. I'm in my room alone and have been for the past 24 hours. Help me. I broke my phone over the weekend so I can't even call to make a doc's appt. And I don't want my roommates to see me like this. FUCK THIS