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  1. Has anyone got more scarring from MD? There are red lines from where the machine has gone over my face, it's been over two days now and the lines are darkening. Is this normal or should I be worried?
  2. I have. It doesn't make any difference, it's basically the same thing with a different name.
  3. The scars I've had for the past two years have just got deeper and more visible! It's more visible since my skin is fair, why? And no I don't go out in the sun a lot. Actually I haven't stepped out of my house in nearly three weeks yet my scars keep getting worse and worse!
  4. I just came back from my trip to India and my dad took me to a doctor there and he recommend the microdermabrasion, which is exactly what I wanted! So I'm back in Dubai now and I'm going to have to get it done here. Not sure where though. India was way better to get it done it's bad I couldn't stay. Is it true you can get black spots from microdermabrasion?
  5. @Elliphannte: I've screamed, cut, begged, cried, thrown stuff around to get them to take me to a dermatologist. Instead they took me to a few psychologists and they all say I have bipolar disorder. My mother's too much a whore to realize my mood swings are mainly about my skin. It's the evil root to all my problems! As for the job, I can't get one here until I'm 16 and I don't think I'd want to be seen with a face as hideous as mine and actually interact with people. Reason I left school. I hate
  6. Technically, if done carefully, a small part of the skin at a time with a strong rough cloth. Little of the skin will come out, clot and heal to form new skin right? Has anyone tried this? Would this work?
  7. I live in the UAE and I pretty much have no cash and my parents don't want to spend anything on me. Though I think they have that here. Thanks for replying. I posted in the scar forums before about home micro dermabrasion kits, but no one replied!
  8. I hate myself, I'm ugly just because of these ugly acne scars. They're controlling my life. My mum refuses to take me to the dermatologist because SHE THINKS the scars will go. They won't fucking go. I haven't stepped out of my house in what... a month and few days. I'm so hideous, and now I got this weird green thing that is flat and inside my skin. Is it just me or do my scars get worse with time? They're more visible now then they ever were. People ask if a cat scratched my face because it lo
  9. I just bought the Powerbraison kit from Skin Doctor's, the first time I tried it it made my skin feel smooth. I don't use it regularly but would it actually work if I did? I don't have just acne scars, I have deep pit scarring. It's not very visible but it makes me feel like utter crap and old but I'm only 15. I don't want to live life with those ugly scars on my face!