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  1. I absolutely hate foundation to cover my PIH, but i cant find a TM that adequately covers PIH without the help of tons of concealer. I don't necessarily have a budget for a good TM, but I mean something over $50 just isn't worth the money IMO thanks!
  2. so i just pulled off a scab that formed from a smallish cyst that was on my chin and once i pulled it off i could see the skin was raw of course and also a small indention in the area where the scab was. will that be a scar forming? i just put some neosporin on it and will use mario badescu drying cream later.
  3. Like a lot of you I suffer from pretty bad hyperpigmentation. I don't really get breakouts anymore, but I'm still healing my skin from old red marks. I found a tinted moisturizer that is honestly the best thing I've ever used. http://i46.tinypic.com/33cw0g0.jpg MAC's studio moisture tint is basically an extremely sheer foundation moisturizer made to even out skin tone and prime your skin if you're going to be wearing more makeup. I'm a guy and I'm serious when I say the coverage is so sheer t
  4. Oh trust me, I know quite a few overweight/obese people with awful skin...
  5. I'm so happy for you! You look amazing and it's a fantastic way to start the new year off!
  6. if theyre that old, i'm pretty sure you should just break down and get a professional laser treatment from a derma. seriously, it's worth it.
  7. If you're already using strong prescription products, I would suggest to not use another acne product. I know from experience from differin that when combined with other random acne products, my overall skintone goes crazy and I get extremely red, scaly patches that takes DAYS to heal. And I wouldn't trust IQQU in general since Michelle Phan is just a youtube celebrity who just so happened to have started a skincare line with the money she made from her videos. It doesn't make her a reputable co
  8. i know right...in terms of models i sort of work in the fashion industry (i work for a casting agency) and unfortunately almost all of them just have those great genes. but dont feel down because i have seen models who have clearly had skin problems in the past. (hyperpigmentation, scarring) generally models aren't even sent to castings if their skin is bad, they're usually sent to a dermatologist (which they have to pay for) or sent to 'heal' their skin and then they'll be sent off to work.
  9. I have a 5mm long red mark due to a cyst I got about 3 or 4 months ago, and then another whitehead that overlapped it about 2 months ago. I slathered the BP on both the cyst and whitehead, but unfortunately I was left with the very large dark mark. I used to do an at home BHA+HQ peel that after 7 attempts has shown pretty much 0 noticeable differences. (waste of money..ugh) i just need a sure fire way of getting rid of it other than patience lol... my current regime is tea tree oil, differin, a
  10. I'm using a home BHA/HQ+ level 3 (30%?) hyperpigmentation peel currently. Well i've used the peel about 6 timews and i've seen no change in the first 4 peels i left it on for 3-5 minutes, but the past 2 were left for up to 9 minutes. i really don't understand what's going on