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  1. Agreed, but I feel more balanced.... less moody.... overall less crazy.... so I'm optimistic that my body has finally adjusted.
  2. Ladies, I am ecstatic to report that I've done it! I'm clear. Even when the going gets tough with this pill, stick with it. There will be shitty times, but I can assure you that this is worth all of that. I'm on the first week of my THIRD pack, and my face has looked and felt great for a few days. I'll let you guys know what else I've been doing to achieve this result: Morning - cleanse with Peter Thomas Roth Beta Hydroxy 2% Acne Wash (works like a dream) - moisturize with Cetaphil
  3. Yeah!! I've been home over a week and my face cleared right up. I started month three (YAY ---> stable???) 3 days ago and I'm very happy. I also started using a new Peter Thomas Roth cleanser and acne spot treatment. I finish this semester on Monday which means no more stress...so that will help too
  4. I can absolutely vouch for that. Planes are deadly.....especially when mixed with crazy hormones, lack of sleep (due to late flight and jet lag), etc. This flight was 8 hours long, so I'm going to basically blame that. Agreed. I find that sugar pills and week 1 (and usually week 3, but this time I was in a totally different climate) are good times for the skin. It's week 2 that usually makes me want to hide away forever!! I'm nervous because I'm going on exchange to Prague, Czech Republic ne
  5. It's all good. I had a great vacation and now I'm home. It just sucks that it seems to affect you at the worst possible times, hey?! The plane rides don't help, either. I always come off planes with more acne than when I got on. It's drier here in Vancouver and I'm already noticing the difference. I'm at that awkward stage where it's drying out the pimples nicely, but it looks weird to put makeup over because it's so dry. I'm optimistic that it will go away in the next few days though...ju
  6. I'm in the Dominican Republic now, and I guess it's a combination of hormones, humidity, sunshine, and wearing makeup more often (people are ALWAYS around) but my skin is freaking out. I am trying to enjoy my holiday but this is the worst I've ever seen it. I feel very shitty about it.... got lots of hyperpigmentation on cheeks and then tons of small pimples all around my jaw and a few on my cheeks........I just want to come home so it goes somewhat back to normal.
  7. I look like I have the chicken pox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm HATING this pill right now...my face has never looked THIS bad! I'm in the middle of the 2nd pack... After how many packs does it start to clear up? You're gonna hate this answer (I know I do!) but it's different for everyone. For me, however, it was about 3 months the first time, if I remember correctly. This time, I'm not sure, but it's getting better...I'm six weeks in and it's been bearable for the last 2...not great, but bear
  8. Yeah, my second month and my second time taking this pill. I'm happy that it's bearable!! (It's still worse than most of the time I'm off the pill completely....but it's nice to be regular and protected from pregnancy, too.) @calichick - mine calms down the day I start taking the 0.250mg pills... it's so weird, it's almost like an overnight change...suddenly it all starts getting better, except for maybe one or two pimples. Right now I'm sort of embarrassed about my face... got a big pimpl
  9. Were you ever 100% clear on Ortho tri cyclen? Thanks, you too ! Yep, for most of my two years. When I got stressed or went to bed without washing my face I would get maybe one or two pimples, but for the most part I was clear. When I had no stress, I was totally clear!! Can't wait to get back there!
  10. Yeah, I was worried he first time too. But it ended up working quite well for me, and I can already tell that it is working the second time around. There is just the one week where I break out....and it was really bad the first month, but it's not as bad now that I'm on the second month! Good luck!!
  11. In the past, I was on Tricyclen for 2 years. I remember having mood swings, being very tired, and having bad breakouts for 2-3 months, and then clearing up except when I got really stressed in school/work. I went off it for a few months, and have re-started. I'm on Week 6. I remember that every time I start a new pack, the second row of pills (0.215mg) makes me break out like mad, and makes my mood swings even worse....I cry for no reason (well, mostly about acne, but I normally wouldn't c
  12. katrina782

    Clears up acne, but it takes awhile for your body to adjust. I've been on this pill before, and then had to go off it, and now I'm back on it. I've been taking it for 6 weeks (the second time). In the past, I took it for 2 straight years. It works great until the second row of pills(0.215mg), which is when I break out like crazy. After 2-3 months of consistent use, it gets better and better but that row of pills always brings up at least one zit. No pregnancy! Shorter, VERY regular pe
  13. I agree. I do this as little as possible because life is short and I'm normally very adventurous and fun-loving. Acne is the only thing that really gets me down to the point where I sometimes want to hide away. But it's amazing what a little perspective can accomplish. If I tell myself to hold my head up, smile, and not give a sh*t, I usually end up being happy. The one thing I'm trying to stop doing is avoiding mirrors when I'm out. I am usually so proud of who I am, and I don't want a little
  14. I get what you mean about other people saying it doesn't matter, or to get over it. In today's society where beauty is everything, especially for girls, it is impossible to not let it affect you. Best of luck.
  15. Hey guys, I think we've all established that acne causes us to do some pretty crazy things. I usually try to tell myself to just get over it - that it will pass - but sometimes I stay at home to sleep or have a pity party instead of going out and having fun because I am so ashamed of my face. My acne is weird - it comes and goes in extremes. I'll be very happy with my face and then it will break out and I'll be very depressed. The 'funny' thing is, if I just suck it up and go out anyway, I usu