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  1. Yo what it do. I logged on here again. Some of you know me. Just wanted to post on how I healed my body. Fresh fruits and veggies. Sunlight. Really that simple. Accept nature and nature foods and it can heal you. Keep eating these fake foods out here and meats and you are gonna have a helluva time. Not replying to anything just making this post for anyone who will resonate with it. Much love nd peace
  2. To start eating raw you simply do it. Go buy fruits and veggies you enjoy. Eat them. And don't eat the cooked and processed foods. Simple!! If you have cravings to eat the addicting stuff you used to eat, you just have to be strong willed and not eat it. The cravings will pass. Eating raw things is not as tough and hard on the organs like cooked and processed foods and you will to start to feel different quickly if you are eating only raw. You will become lighter and clearer physically, menta
  3. I do think onions are awesome and I do love everyone. You can say I'm a hippy or strange. That is just the way I am. I'm a very loving and happy person. But again. I understand. And I am noticing it more and more. When I tell people how I feel about food, it angers them, because I am disagreeing with a deeply rooted belief they have. So I know why I am getting insulted. I really don't have any more to say here. I've given all the info I wanted to about 3 posts back. I don't want to argue t
  4. Joseph, I am a little offended. I do understand why you said that though when I think about what your belief systems are. I forgive you. Well. I've said everything I wanted to say here and I'm not gonna stick around. I love you all and wish you the best. [Edited image out]
  5. 2 weeks is pretty short. Depending on your body and how much waste there is it could take months of fasting until the deep detoxing occurs. In my experience it occurred very fast because I had been eating raw fruits for a few months. My body weight got low and this is where the things like hair regeneration occurred, my skin was pushing out all sorts crud that was stuck in me for years, skin became flexible and tan, my eye sight became extremely precise, my mind was the clearest it's ever been,
  6. Well I don't feel like eating for the rest of my life. Food holds me down all ways. Feeling is what led me to this point, not logic. My thoughts would usually doubt my feelings and I have had to start accepting that my intuition will not lead me the wrong way. There is so much to say but I don't feel like going deep into explaining this right now. It is better off to be experienced I feel. If you feel fasting is too extreme then how about a raw diet. I'm assuming you are eating cooked f
  7. Progress has been made. I myself have progressed in epic fashion. And I know others in this thread who have as well. I do understand that if you still are sick and haven't experienced healing, it may seem like no one has progressed at all. Try a long fast of some kind. I know you haven't tried one because if you have you wouldn't be here looking for help. And I'm not saying that to be unkind, it's just the truth. Our bodies have the ability to heal greater than most realize. You just have t
  8. Hey all. I've logged in and saw I have some messages from people asking me about health and advice. Well here are my views on health. I'll keep it short although there is much more to be said. I've realized that food and water does not keep the keep the body alive. Our organs don't digest 'food' for energy, they eliminate it. The feeling of hunger is organs shrinking back to their original size. If nothing is consumed, the feeling goes away. The body does incredible thin
  9. whats a typical meal for you? Can you imagine? - our bodies are so fucked up now we cant even process a sandwich or piece of chocolate. I already dont eat alot of things already and have been a fussy eater my whole life.Never add sugar to anything, drink only water. Dont eats fatty foods etc. Everybody says to avoid foods with Vit A, but this includes alot of veg. How do you go about that? Protein is necessary to fuel our bodies, how do you get sufficient protein without meat? Iron deficie
  10. I eat raw plants. It will work for you too. The dose you took does not matter. Going to bed. Good night.
  11. Okay. A good start would to stop eating white flour. And white sugar. And salt. These are generally accepted as poison. Now for a little less accepted knowledge. I suggest stop eating carcasses. Humans have very long stomachs, unlike meat eating animals, which have short stomachs. We also lack the strong stomach acids to properly break down animal flesh. Eating plants biologically suits our bodies. I could go way more into this but this is the basics of it. Although you are eating fruits a
  12. Cool man. Do what you feel is right. In my opinion, eating those chemical-pumped chicken embryos is just clogging you up. Still though, consuming more fruits and vegetables is a step in the right direction!! Peace.
  13. No it is not hard to stick to eating healthy food. I am more aware and knowledgeable now of the shit I used to eat and the effects it causes. I never want to eat that junk again. I don't get bored with it. It tastes so good and it nourishes my body. My consciousness is rising as well. It was harder in the beginning yes. My body was in an unhealthy state and I wasn't so sure if it would work. But that changed quickly. Transition anyway you can. Realizing how processed foods affect