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  1. Thanks guys! I think I'll just stick with applying the BP before moisturizer. Geez, this regimen really has an art to it
  2. Hi, Question about the reg- can I use moisturizer before I apply benzoyl peroxide, or would that deem the BP futile? Not quite sure if the order I use BP/moist. is extremely rigid under the regimen. Thanks, Michelle
  3. Hey Guys, So, as many loyal Olay consumers might know, the company discontinued their original formula for their Olay Complete SPF 15 Sensitive Skin Moisturizer this summer. The active ingredients changed to provide "better" sun protection, and use avobenzone instead of the zinc oxide. So, I went on a hunt to find a similar product. I scoured the internet to find the old formula, and had 2 websites ship me what they claimed to be the old product that they had leftover... to no avail. It was the
  4. Hey guys, I see we're discussing rosacea. Okay, so I was recommended this cream (its Rx) by my dermatologist years ago for my acne, and I've still been using it to this day. It's called Rosula, and it is primarily used to treat rosacea and sebhorreic dermatitis. It's worked for me, and cleared me of my acne from the start, and has kept me clear throughout the years. Should read more about it, or at least talk to your derm about it! Michelle