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  1. there are alot worse off people believe me ive looked. if you want to get really scared check this roaccutane survivors website out its is harsh man. http://www.xsorbit1.com/users/davec/index.cgi or do a a search on roaccutane. hope i dont get some of the long term side effects these lot are having.
  2. ive had the evil drug 3 times, the 3rd was because every spot i got was scarring permanently. little did i know that its the roaccutane that causes it and my dermatologist did not point this out either and has now denied any knowledge of this to cover her ass from being sued. I've been off it a year now and my healing is not good. hopefully it wil slowly wean its way out of our bodies. f'#*$%ing ironic that you take the drug to stop a temporary scarring disease on part of your body only to be
  3. scrap that! just did a search for threads about it. svenx
  4. has any one used this cool touch on active acne and had a sucess story with it??? sven.
  5. ive taken it three times (unfortunately didn't realise the side effects as i trusted roche and my dermatlogist, bad mistake) been off it for 11 months now and this drug f*~ks you over. it strips your body of everthing, I scar like mad now just with little cuts and grazes not to mention the spots.
  6. been on this lemon and vinegar thing now since the thread started just over 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. Have to say its all good! also have just started to use the vinegar in the shower on my hair cos apparently it improves it. Also seem to have started to really like the lemon juice drink which can only be a bonus!! good luck to all, reckon i'll decide after about a month how much this is improving my face as dont want to be counting thee old chickens before they hatch!!
  7. right people, you seem to have done a fair bit of debating. With each taking on what the other has said, what would you now class as being a good days eating menu, with regard to stopping acne dead in its tracks?
  8. hey maya, got on the new method yesterday and going to give it ago for a while. Think i drank to much lemon water yesterday, to much lemon dont make you feel the best. Have no idea how the girl whos face you were on about looked so much different with that level of scarring and just vinegar and a lemon to help it. Bizarre is not the word!!! Gives us all hope though!! Think i'll have to make sure i apply the vinegar before the morning shower as you really dont smell the best if you dont!!
  9. This really sounds good, im definately giving it a go. thankyou! sven
  10. people id watch the roaccutane,it has messed up my body repair system permanently now little cuts and grazes leave red scars as well as any spots. I wouldnt have gone within a mile of the evil drug had I known.