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  1. Funky_Boy


    I've tried the product for about... 2 years I believe. It did work at first, but then my skin became accustomed to it, and broke out even worse than before I went on it. My mum tried it once, and she has really sensitive skin- bad idea!! Her skin became really red, itchy, and bumps formed all over her face. She had an allergic reaction Anywho, I canceled it and now my skin is doing better. However, just last month I got like a card from proactive that said "we miss you" >.> whatever.
  2. Funky_Boy

    *high five*

    My skin has been looking alot better lately, and I haven't really been breaking out anymore. So now, I'm really trying to focus on my red scars. I bought two lemons, and I am using the juice on my face. I think there is a difference o.o The redness seems to be lightened and my make-up looks like it's covering more. I'm currently not breaking out on my jawline, which makes me uber happy!!! XP I am still drinking the green tea everyday, along with my vitamin c, and vitamin e!! I've actually bee
  3. Dammit, I'm PMSing and it's showing on my face *3* Pissing me off!!! So, I've been doing extra stuff to get rid of it asap (tuesday class was so hard to get through >w<). I've gone back to drinking green tea, 2 cups a day!!!! I did a egg white mask last night. And tonight, I'm putting Vitamin C on my face :B The acne I had on Tuesday pretty much dried up, which makes me happy Oh, and I ate salmon for supper tonight!!! Of course, I mostly broke out on my jawline, the right side. I go
  4. Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with the type of "breaking out" that I have. Unfortunately, I have no pics, so sorry. But, I notice that when I wake-up and before I wash my face, I look at it in the mirror. I notice that my face has... like these really tiny pimples on my face. They are not clustered, but all over. Like today, I had 3 on my forehead, a couple on the left side on my face, 4 or 5 on my right side. They are smaller than the head of a pin... Not red around them, but
  5. Funky_Boy


    PMS is coming up... could be suffering right now because I'm breaking out!! Then again, I've been taking Vitamin C (500mg) everyday, and stopped the past couple days. So, today I went back on the Vitamin C!! I gave up on the turmeric XD And the Calcium XDD I did buy a new product called.... Olay Purifying Mud Lathering Cleanser. The aveeno stuff was drying out my face. This product doesn't do too bad, it feels like it is cleaning!! Yeah, my skin has been uber dry, so I ordered some crea
  6. Funky_Boy

    Vitamin C

    Have you guys tried taking a vitamin C tablet, crushing it, add some water, and putting it on your face?? I do that ^^