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  1. I replaced the 2.5% BP and the salicylic acid with BP 5% twice a day. The result? DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT. The skin is still not completely cleared, but in 2 days I got more results than with the full Exposed treatment in 2 weeks. I will keep you posted. Seems that this combination of some Exposed products and 5% BP really works.
  2. try to wash with extremely cold water or rub some ice and see if there are any improvements
  3. Hi all! 2 weeks ago I bought "Exposed SkinCare" treatment for acne, which includes -2.5% BP gel -facial cleanser and tonic -1% salicylic acid PART 1 At the end of the first week, results were visible. I was very glad. PART 2 Now, at the end of the second week, I have TERRIBLE breakouts on my jaw, cheeks and forehead, even worse than before. Whiteheads appear overnight ( more than 5 every night, even big ones ) . THE QUESTION Should I continue the Exposed SkinCare treatment? What do you thin
  4. mornings: 1.facial cleanser 2.clearing tonic 3.acne treatment serum evenings: 1.facial cleanser 2.clear pore serum bottom line: use the tonic only in the mornings. source: exposed skincare official guidelines i hope i helped
  5. Benzoyl Peroxide VS Salicylic Acid -> which one worked better for you?