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  1. You have cystic Most of the time its from poor dieting, such as what you are eating. I recommend eating more veggies, and limiting your intake on starches. Trying using a benzoyl peroxide wash...Oxy has a great one! Tone with witch hazel (it will even out your skin tone) and moisturize...I use Dermasil
  2. Three years ago (my senior year in high school) had to be the worst days of my life. Not only did I get acne, but cystic acne out of no where popped up (no pun intended), and after a few trips to the dermatologist every month, I started to think...What was the cause of this? Was it the chips I was having for breakfast every morning? The Ramen Noodles I was eating every other day? The starches (yes rice, bread, and potatoes---limit your intake) that consist of nearly 75% of my diet, whereas sweet
  3. I hate that too, I hate when Acne Commercials are trying to advertise a product and the actor/actress have clear skin...wtf..
  4. mm, i lost my boyfriend because i haven't been the same person i guess. my confidence is really lacking and that just caused problems...

  5. why did u lose your boyfriend?

  6. I actually use this in my regimen and I kid you not I have not had a pimple for 5 months now i use cetaphil lotion and a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream at night. my dermatologist recommended this regimen to me...and he also said drinks lots of water and stay all of the junk food
  7. Benzoyl Peroxide works faster than Salyclic Aci. But if your skin gets irritated from Benzoyl Peroxide, I recommend 2% Salyclic Acid. My derm prescribed this BPO 4% Wash Kit (Benzoyl Peroxide), and come to find out the same exact ingredients were in OXY and Panoxyl. Oxy comes in 5 percent and 10 percent BP. And Panoxyl comes in 2.5 percent, 5 percent, and 10 percent. And you can buy these products at Walgreens. I exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, to take the dead skin cells off. But as