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  1. I agree with the poster that mentioned L'oreal mineral powder. I use the concealer in mineral powder from and use a good brush, because it blends/covers better. It's shaped kinda like an arrow and the size of a q-tip. I have never broken out from this concealer and only use it on zits/cysts as I get them...a little goes a long way. If I have a nasty zit to cover, I mix it on the top of my thumb w/a bit of my zit med (benzaclin) and it has great staying power. Don't be scared of this makeup, it's
  2. YES, when I was in my 20's, I used to get them alot! They hurt like hell and there is nothing you can do about them. They do eventually go away...mine took several weeks to completely resolve, but several days for the pain to go away. They do come to a head sometimes, and it's not pretty Just leave it alone or it will turn into a monstrosity of a lump!
  3. I had a SEVERE random breakout after having my acne under control for several years, and I have a leftover cyst from my breakout. It was extremely swollen and I've had it shot with cortisone twice and I still have it...it's gone down, but still huge and not red (thank god). I know there is puss in it, but I'm scared to pop it. I would sh*t if it swelled up again and got red! I've had it for "6 weeks", and counting! Time to call the derm to have THEM drain it. Sometimes cysts can be staph infecti
    It works for me, unlike Duac, Retin A, Aczone, Sulfacetimide (sp?), Neutrogena spot, salycic acid of any kind, AHA's, etc. My skin texture looks great in the light (I know you know what I'm talking about-that bright/shadowy light we hide from). Blackheads are gone...they just dry up and come out of my pores, acne scars fade faster, gel-like cream that spreads nicely, works fast (few days zits/cysts were already shrinking/drying up. It dries the crap out of my skin! I have ALWAYS been afraid of m
  4. I currently have one from a cyst that I had cortisone shot in 2 times. I agree with the comment about it being pus, but I'm too afraid to poke/inflame mine, but that crap has got to come out!!! Yours doesn't look too deep and like it may surface soon to drain! I would start blobbing on a mask (mine is great-DDF sulfur mask) to get a head on it and poke/drain. Don't try popping it though...!!!
  5. Interesting....because, I leave my earrings in 24/7 and the bacteria than can accumilate is probably similar to a horror movie! I don't see why the bacteria wouldn't transfer to my pillow, then to my face. I'm going to try taking them out and cleaning my ears with an alcohol wipe. I'jj report back!
  6. kimincal

    Acne and Ocd

    I am sarcastic about it, but YES...I'm pretty OCD about having clean hands when it comes to touching my face! My skin is MEGA sensitive...if I scratch my cheek, chin, etc. no kidding, I will usually get a zit. And, I'm talking a very careful scratch too...my skin has no mercy
  7. I'm currently using a foaming pad (Triaz) w/6% BP from the derm. It is extremely harsh on my skin, but doing the job. I'm going to switch to all Suki Skincare products as soon as I'm 98%...almost there. I've been using the toner and skin balancing OIL (yes, oil...you have to read about it to get it-google "suki skincare for acne"). The Suki line has not given me any new acne, and has dramatically improved the texture of my skin AND it smells so good (natural-essential oils)! I break out from any
  8. It made my skin much WORSE! I would never recommend it to anyone...not even a little bit! Everything about it sucked for me!
  9. I swear by All-in-one MAX by Avon! I have tried EVRYTHING from $10 to $150, and this is the best one. I just posted about it and it also includes an ingredients list... I have "aging" skin and acne.
  10. I have a friend that turned me onto this. She said it prevented her from getting cysts on her face, I was shocked because her skin looks so good, and certainly not acne-prone. I have very, very oily skin and was afraid to moisturize my grease pit of a face I recently had a major breakout and my skin was a disaster from cysts, whiteheads, "undergrounders", redmarks, dry patches from treatment, etc. AND, I was using Aczone w/not much success...the only good thing about it was the gritty texture
  11. The answer is YES, for me! I have an iodine sensitivity and just about every vitamin has it and my face becomes a total disaster. Iodine can exacerbate acne in sensitive individuals! I started a new vitamin regimen a couple weeks ago and my skin erupted in a handful of cysts, lumps and bumps. I quit taking it and my skin was instantly on the mend. Just an FYI, I ordered Kavi sulfur soap and also got the sulfur lotion for cysts and OMG, my skin is looking sooooooooooo much better.
  12. If it's that big, I would run to the derm and get a cortisone injection and have them drain it. What are you putting on it? Shit....sounds like it's on it's way out!!
  13. I am sooo sorry! I know exactly how you feel I would get a cortisone injection FOR SURE! I had one of those last week next to my nose/cheek, I wanted to die! So, I didn end up going to the derm for a cortisone injection and it took a couple days, but significantly went down! I was also using large blobs of DDF facial mask w/10% sulfur...man that stuff shrinks my cysts and gets the big ones to come to the surface for draining. Just remember that you're not alone! It sucks, someday you'll look