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  1. Thanks! I don't check in as much anymore, but if anyone has questions about my experience they can always message me! Good luck to everyone out there, don't give up and keep on truckin'
  2. Hello! I was wondering how things are going for you now. Are you still on the regimen? I hope you are well and enjoying Paris!! :) xx

  3. Hey Everyone!! Just checking in after a long time away. Happy to report, 6+ months and still clear as day! Haven't had a pimple/dryness is months! Why didn't I go on this thing ages ago?? Thank you Dan!!
  4. Gotta agree with AKL, that's what I would do. Even if you just put it on once a day, it's better than nothing. If you skip a week it probably won't be a disaster, but I would bet you will get a breakout that will probably take a week or so to recover from. On the other hand, could be an interesting experiment?
  5. Hey there, I can really only answer your first question. I do not regret going on the regimen and firmly believe it is the best thing I could have done for my skin (which looked a lot like yours does, by the way). I just think it works too well for too many people not to try it. I also firmly believe that one does not really get rid of acne until one grows out of it, and that point is different for every person and for some people, never. Bottom line, regimen is cheap, and I have never seen
  6. DAY WHATEVER Hey all! Just checking in to say that things are going really really well. Can't remember the last time I had a pimple of any kind. Every now and then I will feel a small raised bump that before I would have been sure would turn into something, but now it's no problem at all! It doesn't ever become red and goes away in a day or so. Couldn't be happier!! I've also gone down to one pump and it's still working great. To everyone out there, keep on trucking!
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what Dan says, that a lot of people need AHA to get totally clear . . .
  8. Hey there, To answer your question, it took me close to three full months to get clear on the regimen. In the last month I've had one pimple total, and it's been really really great. It takes a lot longer for most people than Dan's timeline to get there, but the results are worth it! Keep at it.
  9. Hey everyone! Anyone who's been following my log knows I've had great success on the DKR; literally, the turn-around I've seen in just a few months has been amaaaaaaaaaaazing! So now I have time to worry about some more minor issues - like wrinkles! I have no idea if it's due to the regimen (my suspicion is it was always there, but now I'm just free to notice it more) but I have fairly wrinkly skin for a 27 year old. This is most especially around my eyes. I know much of this is genetic,
  10. You're on the right track, good luck! Make sure to ramp up your dosage slooooowly, be gentle, and use jojoba liberally! My skin used to look a lot like yours, now I've been on the regimen for about 4 months and haven't had a single pimple in over a month! shocking!! stick with it, it really does work
  11. Hey everyone! I've been on the DKR for many months know and love it - except for the fact that it's exacerbated my under-eye wrinkles! I'm in the market for a good cream right now, drugstore brand or non, and am wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a wrinkle-reducing cream? Thanks!
  12. DAY 114 Just a quick update to let everyone know that my skin is still doing so so well! I'm SO happy with the regimen, I've even experimented with bringing down my BP dose and it's still been working great!! Anyone out there who's thinking about going on the regimen, do it now, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain! I literally never think about my skin anymore and it's such a great feeling! Am too lazy now, but need to update my status to 100% clear!!
  13. DAY 103 Just a quick report to say that I haven't had a pimple on my face of any kind in well over a week - not even a blackhead!! This has been amazing, I haven't had skin like this since I was 12! Every now and then my skin gets a bit dry, which I usually can fix with the towel method. I'm so so happy, going on this regimen was the best thing I've ever done for my skin. I love that I don't even have to think about my skin anymore and that when I do wear make up I just put on a very light
  14. Hey FTWeekend! Thanks for the support, it's true, finally being clear for Christmas was a great feeling!! You've definitely deserved it too after your long struggle, I've checked out your log and your skin is looking GREAT! DAY 96 Just got back to Paris - had basically two pimples over the entire holidays (one was a recurring one in an old spot) and a little bit of dryness which I easily solved with my towel method and copious amounts of jojoba. Taking long plane flights and skipping one