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  1. Ya, I know. I don't have medical insurance so a dermatologist is going to cost a ton. Maybe something otc will work. I just want this mark gone for good.
  2. hmm ive heard of Meladerm which is a bleaching cream? does that work?
  3. I have a thumb print sized red spot on my face. Its not raised at all, and ive had it for 4-5 years now. It used to be darker red and it has faded a little bit, but it still very noticeable. I think its from a pimple that I had that I popped and now I have this red dot on my face. Does anyone know what this is, or how I can get rid of it? I went to a dermatoligist a few years ago when it happened and they said it would go away but it hasnt. I was thinking of buying some makeup to cover it, or ma