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  1. got worse, then better, then worse, then better for 5 months. last couple weeks it started to improve heaps. 3 or so weeks off it now, clear yet still gettin even better. be patient!
  2. if its as bad as u say it is, discuss accutane with ur dermo. dont worry, most people on this site would understand exactly how u feel. i didnt go out for about 4 or 5 months coz it was that bad and i was severely dispressed. im just starting to get back to the old me now. it will get better somehow, whether its through accutane or something else... trust me. just hang in there & try to not beat urself up over it - its not ur fault. i really hope (& believe) it'll work out for u. and u
  3. my acne was worse than that, but by the time i saw my dermo, it cleared up a bit more... however, she put on it to get rid of any future breakouts. its really up to you though, and also wat ur dermo thinks. side effects r annoying, but different for everyone. its definately worth it though! - well thats my personal opinion anyway. book an appointment, n discuss ur concerns. its the best way to go about it... good luck!
  4. Each person breaksout at different times. I broke out in the 1st week. it only lasted for a few days whereas i broke out in the 2nd week for a couple weeks, then was clearing up for a week, then broke out again, then clear, then bad etc etc lol... completely different for everyone, as mentioned. the main thing is to try not to stress TOO much about it. its the most amazing feeling when u wake up finding ur skin is smooth - definately worth the breakout! drink plenty of water to keep ur
  5. not sure about the cleanser/lotion, so cant help u there... i did drink for a little bit while on accutane, but then my skin was terrible for a few months so i didnt go out at all (tad depressing). however, the last 2 months it cleared up enough for me to start going out again - didnt really affect my progress. its probably best to drink less though, especially if u lose sleep - sleep's good for ya skin. as for exercise, i used to gym 6 days a week but that declined as the accutane did make m
  6. sucks massively. i tried everything (and i mean everything), and finally got accutane. i highly reccommend it. and as someone mentioned in a porevious post, wash ur pillow cases frequently. i noticed a difference when i did that! good luck with it!
  7. started on 20mg for about 3 months, then up to 60mg for the last 2 months. what about you?
  8. yey, congrats! i finished mine 2 weeks ago. how good does it feel!
  9. Hmm, thanks for the suggestions, but don't think we have those pills in the states, as I've never heard of them! Seems to me like we don't have a ton of options here at all...boo... http://www.by-choice-not-chance.com/script...00_03_01_02.php thats information on Valette. it'll probably b under another name in the states. Brenda, which i used to be on, was another name for Diane-35. Hope that was a little more helpful! they have soooo many different names, its hard to keep up! PS.
  10. i take Valette. mainly got it for starting roaccutane, and to control my breakouts. its been great for me. i did a lot of research on the net to compare ingredients, and its different to most of them. i was on brenda previously and it didn't really work for me. hope that was helpful!
  11. DO NOT WAX WHILE ON ACCUTANE. i did... BIG mistake. it was like having an incredibly painful burn that lasted for over a week. trust me - DONT DO IT! i would not ake that chance, if i were u...
  12. how long post-accutane til colouring hair is ok? im talking golden blonde, so obviously peroxide is involved...
  13. Heyy !!!!! That is exactly what my skin's condition is right now...it'll become really dry and then heal and maybe few days later there'll be breakouts...I just hope that Accutane will quickly clear these nasty bastards out and give me the clear skin I need.....! Plus, these breakouts left ugly red marks on my skin that seem to take like forever to fade away! just make sure u do everything ur doc tells u - no picking, short warm (not hot) showers, drink lots of water, etc etc etc. a
  14. basically it has to get worse before it gets better. all the pimples that are in hiding waiting to break out, are brought to the surface faster. i experienced weeks of bad skin, then a few days of good skin. then again, weeks of bad skin, etc etc etc. as the previous person said, it shows that its doing the job properly
  15. hmmm... it really depend on the individual (dose, diet, etc). for me, it took pretty much the whole 5-6 months of treatment. and i also learned to control my stress, because that would encourage more breakouts. so, dont stress! fingers crossed, it will work for you - stay positive!