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  1. I have definitely had this problem. I solved it by whenever I'm alone in the bathroom, I don't look in the mirror. I do my business, wash my hands, and leave, avoiding my reflection because I know if I look then I'll be tempted. Of course as girls we have to see our reflection haha so I always make sure I'm around my mom or a friend in the girls room when I can look at my face and put on mascara or something, because I know I won't pick around them. By now I can look in the mirror and not pick
  2. GREAT TIP to make your makeup not look noticeable on you: After putting on liquid makeup, set it with a light powder if you have oily skin so it won't slight right off. But powder tends to look obvious, so pour some water into a spray bottle and spray it on your face once, and then press into your skin with a cotton bad or tissue. I swear it makes the makeup melt into your skin and look really natural!!! (: I hope this helps. And I'm a straight girl, and I totally wouldn't care if a guy wore c
  3. Aczone's like a gel, but like a water based gel with crushed up pill in it if that makes sense...it almost feels like a scrub. I was prescribed it for AM use and it was awful because rubbing it into my skin made my skin red and irritated because of the abrasive granules in it. Also the tube it came in was gone in like two weeks or a little more than that---something crazy, plus it's expensive. I saw results, but nothing drastic, and my skin took an hour to calm down after the beating it took ev
    -worked lightly. -Despite being a gel, was not fast absorbing. -A LOT was in the tube!! -was non-drying. -Did very little about my acne. I have been using the Ziana gel for 5 months, mostly just to finish up the tube, it has SO MUCH in it!! But it did nothing, honestly. It's gentle and non-drying, but I'd rather have something abrasive that gets the job done that I might have to pack on the lotion for. Overall, did nothing for my acne even after long-term usage.
  4. Fizzle

    -Clears acne moderately well. -Pills are easy to swallow. -GAVE ME HORRIBLY UPSET STOMACH. I had inconsistent bowel movements and frequent vomiting on this pill ): I am now taking Solodyn, and it is working wonders! My doctor says Solodyn is less abrasive on the gastrointestinal tract. If you have a sensitive stomach like me, I suggest Solodyn instead!!
  5. Fizzle

    -worked FAST. -non-drying if a lotion is also used. -didn't give me upset stomach. -none insofar! I've been on Solodyn for 5 days, and I ALREADY see a huge difference in my skin. The only other pill I've taken for acne is Azithromycin (if I'm spelling it right) and it gave me a horrible upset stomach, and also did nothing for my skin. I see no improvement in scars like others say, but definitely prevents and heals blemishes. I'd recommend Pond's Dry Skin Cream with this! It works wonde
  6. Yay okay I'll try this!!! I have a big bottle of classic clean from costco Someone said they used the citrus one for oily scalps, but idk if anything scented is a good idea..
  7. I also have sensitive skin, and I use Dermalogica's Hit the Spot, it's 2% SA and it's really good. and Ambi Fade Cream works for me, I like it a lot, but I'm white.
  8. Can someone tell me what the differences are between foaming cleansers or cream cleansers? Are cream cleansers more hydrating? I know Dan reccomends a foaming one, but I was wondering.
  9. "cut off its penis"? Why is acne a man?? I bet it's a girl actually. Girls are spiteful and bitchy.
  10. Yeah, does the Neutrogena Body Clear really work?? And I'd reccomend using the Head and Shoulders unscented one, rather than Ocean Lift.
  11. I do!! I reccomend Sudocrem as a spot treatment, it's AMAZING because it is a treatment for BOTH acne AND eczema!! <3 it. I put it on at night because it's pretty white, and in the morning it leaves flakes that need to be exfoliated, but it's super hydrating! And it works, it's a healing cream. I'm currently using Pond's Dry Skin Cream (at night, because it's really greasy) and it is also awesome. Check into both! Sudocrem's only available in Europe though, I think. or online. I bought mine
  12. Well, everyone should know Dermalogica came out with a new line specificially for teens with light to moderate acne, Clean Start. I've been using the Wash Off Cleanser, All Over Clear toney spray, Hit the Spot treatment, Ready, Set, Scrub!, and Welcome Matte spf 13 Moisturizer. They are all FANTASTIC, with pretty active ingredients. The Toner has 0.5% salicylic acid and the spot treatment is 5.0% BP! And they REALLY work, I absolutely love them.