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  1. hey guys, im gonna order dan's products online. does anyone wanna order as well? cheaper if we can share shipping cost. face to face trade. my number is 96305823. cheers
  2. im jealous. im 18 and have never fallen in love with anyone. so far, i have had 11 girlfriends. no fair. been becoming more aware of the most tiny red spots i have as i grew older. as a result, my confidence went way down. about a week ago i came across this site and i started to have hope as i read how people got clear following dan's regimen. ever since i started my confidence has gone up so much. im on day 6 and my skins is looking better than it has ever been. if not for this site i would h
  3. well i do feel some days i look better than others (but never ugly). not sure why. its prob jus my mind. lol Allison12: bitch slap ur aunt and _|_ ur co worker. be proud of who u are. so what u have acne, follow the regimen and ur cleared. (when u say ur 'ugly', do u mean because of acne or..?) looking pretty/handsome has to start from within. btw im 18 tooo. xd see ya
  4. i think getting rid of acne first than the red marks makes more sense. dont want to be using too many kinds of treatments on my face, especially when i just started the regimen. thinking about trying AHA in about a months time. only have red marks, but i heard you need to have used BP for about a month before trying AHA. or did i get it wrong? see ya xd
  5. oh, well i am on my 6th day in the regimen. got 1 new pimple and some whiteheads, guessing its normal. doesnt acne cause red marks? so if u prevent acne from forming (daily usage of BP) u actually stop having any new red marks? and let time heal the old ones? or am i getting it all wrong? lol.. see ya
  6. Hi guys and girls, does BP have any effect on red marks what so ever? just started the regimen. loving it so far, was jus wondering if it helps? or is it only for active acne? (which i dont have much of) jus red marks from maybe 5-9 months ago. thanks for reading! bye~
  7. do u use a moisturizer? or any oils? im 5days into the regimen, my cheeks are kinda red. but i guess thats normal. going to try put more moisturizer. see if that helps for early stages of redness. good luck!
  8. 2.5% BP works better than 10% as u will be able to apply more BP to ur face without it getting too irritated. the key reason why the regimen is so successful is because of the amount of BP it requires you to use. the reason why it stops working for people might be because they add their own products too early or get complacent and dont follow the regimen on a regular basis. it has to be kept at a 10-12hr interval. in other words you should, at all times have BP on your face. after a month or so
  9. hi guys, im on day 5 of the regimen. so far i have not gotten a "breakout". started with a pea's size of BP, currently using a pea and a half. my skin does get pretty irritated and starts to burn after applying BP. this goes away after about 20mins. i like to think of the burning/irritated feeling as the BP cleaning my dirty areas it helps. ALOT! i din have much of a acne problem to begin with, but the taught of risking it to start the regimen to get 'perfect' skin was pretty intense. howeve
  10. i like to use alot of cleanser, as im using a 5 blade shaver. slides on the cleanser, no irritation, no redness, nothing what so ever. good luck!
  11. hi, you could spot treat it by only applying BP after cleansing. nothing after BP, or u will spread it all over. good luck!
  12. haha... well, i shave with my cleanser. have no problems. u should try it. and be gentle! good luck :)
  13. Moisturizer is a 100% MUST! my experience- BP makes my skin really dry and white. (im half asian) so it doesnt look very nice to have a really white face and a tanned body. i feel when i moisturize it kinda blends my skin colour, giving it balance. + it feels and smells very nice. chicks like nice smelling guys. hehe
  14. ok thanks Brandy. 1 more question, BP oxidates skin yea? so wont fruit water, (in my current moisturizer) which is anti-oxidant affect BP? have no idea if the current moisturizer im using (Garnier - Aqua Defense) is non-comedogenic or if its oil free. they only state 2 active ingredients (fruit water and vitamin E). no idea what else is in it. so far been using it for a day and a half. leaves my skin shiny and kinda oily. not sure if its me getting used to it or if it is really oily. have lo