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    I like their natural soap. Received full refund without any problems. Customer service was quick to respond via email. Treatment didn't work, and made breakouts worse. Customer service, although quick, often came across as curt and lecturing, and seemed insistent that it was my fault that the product wasn't working, when in actuality I was following their regimen to a tee. I used this for just over 3 months, which is the length of period the website suggests before I can ascertai
  2. 6 pumps of Dan's BP just for your face? Isn't that 3 times the amount the Regimen specifies? Correct me if I'm wrong, but more BP doesn't necessarily mean better clearance, and that amount is probably detrimental to your skin health in the long run.
  3. So I take it you've had a proper go at Dan's Regimen too?
  4. Hmm... Couldn't ANYONE who posts on this message board recommending any particular product be doing it due to a secret affiliation with that product? And therefore are just marketing? I don't see why this guy's being picked on for that. If you want to be extremely skeptical, then more power to you. But I hope that means you're extending your skepticism to practically everyone on here. Only seems fair, heh.
  5. I wish you luck in your experimentation, especially if it may lead to being able to back off on the light exposure. At least that way, your findings may translate into something immensely more practical for others. While the correlation of light that you've noticed is very interesting, I don't see how adopting such a routine is remotely realistic for the vast majority of people. It demands a complete lifestyle shift that the average person cannot (rather than simply will not) accomplish. But I'm
  6. I'm pretty sure the BP gel would be fully absorbed into your skin long before two hours, thus rendering any washing pointless. If you want to see what difference washing BP off would make, I'd suggest maybe waiting only 30 seconds to a minute after BP application. The gel absorbs pretty quickly.
  7. So you've been experiencing a recurrence of acne since trying your DIY solution? Is it only mild? How long have you been trying this artificial alternative thus far?
  8. It's a very interesting hypothesis -- one that I may consider trying myself as I too have the luxury of working at home on my deck. In fact, I'm curious as to why no one else has really given this a proper shot and reported back on their results by now. However, there is one difficulty: Once it gets freezing cold during the winter months, staying outdoors for the required length of time will no longer be as feasible. As you're looking into the possibility of artificial lighting, I'm curious