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  1. Has anyone used Hebermin yet? It seems to be impossible to order that stuff...
  2. In 3 -5 years treatments should be much better. At least Renovo is pushing real hard to get all clinical trials done until then and get it approved. If that drug could really prevent scarring, it would be a revolution. I bet it will cost a fortune though... oh I am talking about this by the way... http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/feature/sto...1166287,00.html this was posted before. But I talked to some guy from that company, and he told me that it is a long process but clinical trials are udner
  3. I keep reading about this stuff: Serrapeptase...that it dissolves scar tissue. Has anyone tried this...or has more info on this?
  4. no one here has heard of this product? hmm...too bad
  5. Has anyone here tried the Juvedical Skin Nova products- I am wondering if these would be good to use after laser treatment. Apparently it uses the same technology as used in healing burned skin. It is so damn expensive though..so I'd appreciate any feedback if this stuff is working at all.