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  1. awwww, sorry to hear about the relapse! i know how you must feel, i've been going through good times and think i would be very, VERY disappointed if the goodness didnt last a month after treatment!! good luck!
  2. Pill... Lost count. So what happened! I went away on vacation and during that time I forgot to take pills, I probably missed about 10 pills in total. I noticed the rash on my hands improving because the pill was out of my system but my face did not break out i also did NOT get a monthly breakout this past period and i can't remember the last time i had something on my face. my nose still has some blackheads, but the tiny hard bumps on my chin have gone away. man, this is the best thing i've e
  3. wow, your skin is FLAWLESS!!! You look amazing, seriously, what amazing results. as for the crazy turn of events, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! but glad to hear the new boy is less sketchy. seriously, the one thing i appreciate above everything else is when they do things when they say they'll do them. trumps everything else!!
  4. wow, yeah, what a bug difference! your skin seriously looks amazing!! exciting, when you go off the redness will go away... that should be something to look forward to, eh? i'm glad to see that the drug has worked on your acne because i think we're going through very similar things!
  5. eeeeek! yeah i've heard increased dosage can cause you to break out more... maybe your skin is clearing out faster? who knows, but don't let your acne slow down your plans with your guy! but i hear what you're saying about not knowing what you'll find in the morning. it's been three months and I STILL get the urge to check my face first thing in the morning.
  6. condensation?? aahahahahah!!! although sadly, if someone said that to me I probably wouldn't question them either! but really, your skin is looking awesome! form that last pic it didn't look too red which is really good! also, i'm really impressed you're interested in middle easterness/arabic/islam... good for you but maybe i'm bias as for the polygraph, my only advice, and take it or leave it, is don't lie.
  7. Pill #89 - i'm so behind!! Okay, yes, I went to my derm and told him flat out I didn't do my blood work because I hate doing them, he almost didn't refill my perscription but did anyway same dosage. I'm going away for a month and so I will be without the pills for a few days (maybe a week?) but then I'll come back on it. I think the only reason he gave it to me anyway was because my bloodwork has been good the last three tests. but he said i MUST do it next month. my skin is looking awesome.
  8. wow, looking good! The amount of red bumps on your face has decreased and even the redness has gone down. how exciting to be done your treatment, it'll be interesting to see your progress afterwards!
  9. Sara, man, i seriously enjoy your blog. I think you're one of those girls most girls should be like. I seriously commend the action you take in relationships. Relationships will always create the internal struggle in your mind but i admire how you handle it with your boy in real life. i wish i could introduce you to my best friend so you can show her how to grow some balls. and yes, i agree, skin always looks great in the morning. sometimes i even leave the house not wearing any makeup, then
  10. interesting observation on the ibuprofen, i found taking anything made me nauseus so i stopped, but if it helps with the cysts i should ease myself into them! glad to hear you're seeing improvements, it's always nice!
  11. hooray for getting back on accutane! agreed about the redness, my skin is at it's smoothest but when i go out in the daylight i see lots of redness and spots and blotchiness. a friend of mine who got off accutane said it took a year for her skin to look flawless, cuz it just keeps working long after you end treatment. sorry about the job front! hopefully the contractor job works out for you. honestly, having a shitty job is almost as bad as acne. but at least acne has a miracle drug.
  12. Awwwwwww! I agree with mallory, the guy sounds like a potential date for your sister's wedding! 19, eh? wow. I'll be 27 this year and no where near marriage. at least your guy asks you out... good signs! i read nothing but good signs, so be confident with it! and keep in mind your buddy grade2syndrome wishes she could have what you have, but instead is working on a guy who is super shy and won't make the first move! eeeek! it's funny, i used to over analyze everything abut then i realized most
  13. Pill #79 I'm not doing a blood test this month, because it never changes, it's always fine and I feel fine and so my doctor can suck it. I don't think he'll even care, probably prescribe me another pack of 40s and send me on my way. I'm still seeing improvements in my skin, but had a stressful week so I saw some breakouts. My nose feels.... waxy? but the pores look smaller. the area around my nose just under my eye feels a little patchy. maybe those gosh darn blackheads are finally coming up.
  14. Hey! Glad to hear you feel comfortable in your own skin after sleeping over your friend's house! I'm almost there... I feel okay after not touching up makeup after 6 hours I think I've made my log private enough that no one I know will recognize me. Even if they looked at my pictures I doubt they'd put two and two together. I've only ever found one log, but it's because I googled his user ID for everything, and came accross a website he frequented but then he ended up telling me about it so