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  1. Hi, -First course - 80mg/day - 6 months = clear for 5 years -Second course - 80mg/day - 6 months = clear for 2 years (although when started breaking oot again it was not as bad as before the first course) Now, I DID have a third course, technically, although I don't really count it because it was just a couple months because I moved out of the US to India and could not fin d a derm to treat me, so quit it because I was worried about the safety - they did not want to do blood tests and did nto
  2. I am having the same problem! I have taken it two courses before at 80mg/day (I weigh 100lbs) and had great results, albeit a relapse a few years later each time. I started up again in Jan. but am in a foreign country and so didn't have my beloved derm this time. Month one was great - all cleared up. Month two - hell broke loose and is still here. I also have about 30 actives (as compared to about 5 when I began this course), and they are leaving scars like mad. I am in month three now and
  3. Hey girlfriend! Man, I feel your pain right now. I have taken two courses in the past at 80mg/day (I weigh about 100lbs) and had much success, although relapsed some years later. Now, after 6 months of stubborn acne coming back, I started up again this Jan. I am now almost half way through month 3. I am breaking out like crazy, and it is along the same places that you appear to be breaking out - the cheek area in line down to the chin. The weird thing is that I NEVER had acne in this area