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  1. I couldn't have more supportive parents when it comes to acne. They've never cracked jokes, embarrassed me in front of others, or said anything offensive about acne. My dad used to have acne so he knows how it's like. They give me advice and they usually make me feel better about myself. I love them.
  2. Lol, in that situation I'd probably pick the guy with acne. I tend to be more comfortable and friendlier around people who also have acne.
  3. I'd feel much better about myself, and be a bit happier, but I'd still have other things to worry and be upset about.
  4. I'm actually just starting high school, but I've had acne all 3 years of my middle school years. Yeah, it sucks. Sometimes I'm too afraid to try a new product because I don't want to look bad for school. I've always been able to control my acne and prevent it from getting really bad. A few people have made fun of me, but not many thankfully. The acne hasn't got in my way of being social. I have plenty of friends, but no girlfriends.
  5. Yeah, I do that. Sometimes, if I'm sitting down or something I just let them see what side of my face looks better.
  6. My parents have always been supportive of my acne and have never made fun of me for it. They always try to help me with it too.
  7. No, maybe I did when I was a younger and ignorant person. If the person is hot and looks good, I will see past the acne. Sometimes I find it a bit cute when I see a really pretty girl with a few pimples.
  8. I'm the exact opposite. I never want to look in a mirror.
  9. Stupid video. That guy barely has any acne and should stop bitching. I would rather have what he has.
  10. 7.5/10 I live in California. He's a very helpful and kind dude. He doesn't seem like one of those derms that are just in it for the money and don't care about your skin. He could be a little better, but I still like him,
  11. Do you think it's worse to be overweight or to have acne? I think overweight is worse, and is criticized more than acne. I think it's easier and more simple to lose weight than to lose your acne. I've noticed that the most obese people in my school have clear perfect skin.
  12. Jeez, I hear that there is soooo many people with acne all over the world, but I never see them when I'm going out to the mall, or just the store. I'm always the one with acne on their face. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  13. Haha, I agree. I always change the channel immediately.