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  1. purpleamethyst



    In the last year my skin had been getting increasingly worse: I started breaking out on my scalp, chest and shoulders and also suffered from cystic acne on my face. I tried drinking more water but it wasn't helping. I found these reviews and started drinking green tea straight away. I always have it at home but only drink it a few times a week, my preferred drink being black tea with milk in it (a true Brit!). I changed to loose leaf green tea (like in the picture shown on the left) and the resu
  2. In the last week I had a few days with NO new spots! This is the first time this has happened since I was twelve! Sadly I got 3 yesterday because I used a different moisturiser and it broke me out. Just on a whim I tried a really rich one that I bought for my daughter's eczema and it made me greasy and spotty. I've gone back to my usual stuff now and they have calmed down already, phew! My routine is: AM: wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser moisturise with Naturally Thinking Simple moistur
  3. purpleamethyst

    Day 44 Reducing The Amount Of Bp

    I'm so fed up with this site losing my entries all the time. I don't know how much time I've wasted typing things up just for them to disappear. Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, being away on holiday got me out of the habit. Currently my skin looks almost normal again. I finally got rid of most of the dryness by reducing the BP application to night time only (2 pumps) and using double the moisturiser in the morning. I thought I would totally break out but my skin seems to
  4. purpleamethyst

    Day 33-Bp Once A Day?

    Why does this website keep screwing up? My blog entries keep disappearing while I write them! So annoying. I arrived in Scotland after an 8 hour drive and the first thing my mum says to me is "Wow, you're so spotty". Thanks very much. There was me thinking my skin was a bit better! I did have about 3 spots but she must have been looking at all the red marks as well. I think I will cut my BP usage down to once a day in the evenings because my skin is unbearably dry again. Each time I move
  5. purpleamethyst

    Day 31-Survived The Exfoliation

    I probably won't be doing much blogging over the next week as I'm on holiday visiting my parents in Scotland/attending a friend's wedding but will try to give at least one update. The day after my recent exfoliation horror wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be, I didn't get more red or spotty but just felt like my skin was burning with the BP. All the same I won't be trying that again. I got one new spot yesterday but no others so my skin is looking okay, not clear but a million times
  6. purpleamethyst

    Day 29- Ouch, Don't Do What I Just Did!

    Glad my suffering wasn't for nothing!
  7. A lesson learned. DON'T EXFOLIATE ON THE REGIMEN!!! After resisting for so long I stupidly got my clarisonic out and exfoliated the crap out my skin. I did get loads of gunk out, but some of it was only partially out of my pores so I decided to pick....and squeeze! The next error was putting BP onto my red raw face and it really hurt! The small red one (yes, I squished the bejeesus out of it) next to my nose has suddently grown a lot under the skin and feels all hot. Stupid stupid stupid. Only t
  8. purpleamethyst

    Day 28-Not Too Bad

    After all my makeup shopping yesterday I looked so dolled up, I even had smoky dramatic eyes! I would have put false lashes on if I had somewhere to go to. Sadly, hubby was not in the mood for any fun at all as he got food poisoning from having eggs benedict for breakfast with his boss. When it came to taking the makeup off I was reminded of how I really didn't look glamorous in real life AND I got 3 new zits. Serves me right! I was better behaved today and only used a tiny tiny smudge of concea
  9. purpleamethyst

    Day 27- Makeup For A Wedding

    I just suddenly remembered that I have a wedding in Scotland mid October and I will need to find makeup that will work on my 'new' skin. Gulp. Although my skin doesn't look that dry anymore, any attempt to use makeup shows up any previously invisible flakes. None of my existing stuff is working so I went to a giant Boots store today to have a look. Nothing seemed the right colour and everything looked so cakey, I'm used to seeing my skin being more natural now! BTW, here's a tip for product shop
  10. purpleamethyst

    Day 26-It's So Hard Not To Exfoliate

    Yes, good point! They did sod all before!
  11. purpleamethyst

    Day 25-Wow! Sudden Clearing Overnight!

    Hi! I'm glad the jojoba is working for you too! I thought I wouild give it a try because of all the videos on youtube. At least we're all looking a bit less pants as each day goes on!
  12. purpleamethyst

    Day 26-It's So Hard Not To Exfoliate

    As a makeup and product junkie I am trying SO hard to resist all my lovely bottles of foundation, exfoliators and face masks. Maybe it's just the nice packaging, or maybe it's all the remaining miniscule bits of dry skin tempting me. Perhaps I should hide everything or chuck it all away! At least I'm getting better at not picking so much. Zit-wise there are no new ones which is AMAZING, although if you were to put paint on my face and stick it onto a piece of paper a la potato printing style
  13. purpleamethyst

    Day 25-Wow! Sudden Clearing Overnight!

    It's been about 4 days of using the full amount of Dan's BP with jojoba oil and my skin suddenly almost cleared last night. Today I have about 4 spots but they're healing ones, not new ones. I'm so astonished! The Cetaphil cleanser seems to be helping too as it doesn't strip my skin and is really gentle. I can't contribute any improvement to the cetaphil mopisturiser though since I only used it once and it stung a lot. I did spend a few hours in the sun yesterday so maybe that helped? It was alm
  14. purpleamethyst

    More Breakouts-Week 3

    Thanks for your comments, I have been following your blog too! Your skin is looking amazing now! I'm not sure how the cetaphil will work but I might as well give it a try as it's available in the UK. If it's no good I am definitley ordering Dan's cleanser and moisturiser. Keep up the no-makeup bravery, I will think of you each time I go without! x
  15. purpleamethyst

    Week 4. Magical Jojoba Oil!

    Oh my goodness, I didn't realise how amazing jojoba oil was! I had used it before as a body moisturiser but not on my face as I didn't really know how to use it properly. About 4 days ago I stared mixing it into my moisturiser and within about a day my skin stopped looking like a flaky red pastry and was almost normal! I wish I'd used it earlier, it has made a massive difference to the feel and comfort of my face. Because it's less dry I am no longer picking so much and I have a lot less zits. I