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  1. I use Head and shoulders and sometimes black soap both work for me. Make sure it's the head and shoulders with 1 to 2% sulfur.
  2. I take it internally, It's called MSM Power. Sometimes I add the power to my vitamin E oil and apply and it works at lightening them up some.
  3. You can buy a microdermabrasion kit and do it at home, If I was you I will google to find the best one to get and results people get from them. But it sounds like you need a chemical peel, the results are fast. You can ask you derm about it. I am doing a lactic acid peel tomorrow at home. I purchased it for $22 at MUAC, you should google search this too.
  4. Anyone here using unrefined shea butter and black soap for? Get any results? I read a lot of good reviews on this and ordered some yesterday. I bought my unrefined shea butter from Nasabbs.com and I order the black soap from www.butters-n-bars.com because nasabbs was sold out on the black soap.
  5. I used Vit E oil before and it's not fast working but I can't really say if it helped or not because I was doing other things. I don't really think this cream is going to help you.
  6. You should google hormonal imbalance. After I read about this and changed my diet my acne cleared up nicely. I went to the derm before I read about this and spent damn near $300 on some stuff that didn't really work and once I stop using it the acne returned.
  7. Honestly I'm not sure how long it took for my dark spots to lighten up but I think it was like 2 to 4 weeks. They are not completely gone tho. I did a sea salt scrub in the shower using a back brush and I think that's what helped them lighten up. I just ordered some unrefined shea butter because I read a lot of great reviews on it getting rid of dark marks, I'll have a update on that later. So you might want to try that. I got mine from www.Nasabbs.com cost $8
  8. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now but it's working. I forgot where I got this information from... I wash with Head and Shoulders Shampoo using a back brush that I got from Walmart. Shampoo cost $5.99 at CVS for a big bottle, It's called ocean lift and has 1% Zinc in it. Then I apply Clean & Clear 10% benzoyl Peroxide. Sometimes I apply it twice a day. I usually get breakouts when I workout from sweating but now that I started this regimen my back is really soft and no more breako
  9. Try to steaming your face and do the oil cleansing method. If you decide to extract google for the correct way to do it. Sometimes when you mess with blackheads they cause a bigger pimple, so I try not mess with mine.
  10. I use clearasil 2% from time to time. It's ok...
  11. The OCM works for me. I use castor oil and olive oil. I still get some but not like I used to.
  12. I ordered the lactic acid 40% from MUAC too, it should be here tomorrow. I read so many great reviews about this product doing a google search. I paid $22 for the sample size. I'm going test spot under my chin. BigPore I read that you are only suppose to use it once a week...
  13. I believe zinc citrate but you should do a google search to make sure. Hope this helps
  14. Yes. My friend skin broke out bad during her pregnancy. It's an issue with hormonal. Not sure when can help for that, maybe drinking lots of water.