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  1. I don't think it's such a "big success" if it comes right back when you stop. I know it didn't work the first two times at full dose but isn't long term Accutane bad? Like when you turn 40 and your organs stop working and you have to cut a hole to poop through your stomach bad?
  2. Get a humidifier in your room. I only find evidence of nosebleed when i pick my nose in the morning and get those red stuff.
  3. Take it to the next step. I don't even shower sometimes.
  4. Well, the rest of your skin looks good. I am on 60mg and i am getting 3 cyst for no reason. one of them under my skin.
  5. Your skin gets drier on 60mg...and you get a lot more lazy.
  6. I am on month 2 and i have not had those symptoms. Are you listening to sad music? That could explain it.
  7. Pretend you're Nelly and your homie is in prison.
  8. I am on month two and I keep waking up at night. I decided to sleep upside down and it helped (feet to headboard).
  9. Um.......I wouldn't recommend self medicating. Plus, the majority of suicide cases from Accutane involves people with bipolar disorder. Yikes, just read your entire post...there's a big warning on the drug saying stop immediately if you feel or indulge in dangerous thoughts. You should really stop and talk to a doctor.
  10. It depends if you can resist picking and popping. I scratched myself two months ago lifting something at work and the scar is still on my arm. It's slowly fading and it's not a pit though. While on accutane every pimple will leave a lasting red mark. Your face may also become red and bring out already existing pit that you haven't notice. I have noticed a few pits in places I haven't notice them before...maybe because I couldn't resist popping and picking when my face exploded during my initial
  11. I had IB too and it lasted 9 days. Resist popping and don't pick the scabs it will fall off by itself. Sit under the shower and let the water massage your face if it itches too much.
  12. Accutane itself is expensive but the whole process is even more costly. Here is my cost if I didn't have insurance. Monthly dermatologist visit - i don't know $100+ Monthly blood test - $156 (Labcorp) Accutane 30mg - $475 (RiteAid) Accutane 60mg - $950 (RiteAid) Moisturizer - $10 Lip Moisturizer - $10 Eye Drops - $12 Gentle Facewash - $10
  13. Yikes, that looks bad. I'm getting random pimples on my arm but nothing like that. On my first month I had a small rash on my leg that went away quickly.
  14. One day on my Accutane treatment my face exploded with 1000 pustules all around my nose and mouth! To make matters worse I had ran out of food and had to go groceries shopping. It's embarrassing but you know what?...well I don't have anything wise to say but yeah no one ever dies from embarrassment. Except maybe Japanese people.
  15. I think the first month is usually just to test the waters. I did one pill a day for month one and two pills a day for month two. Good job on no initial breakout!
  16. Amazing! Eight months seem like such a long time and you finished! I need to fast forward a couple months for myself :] I just want to be done already. It must be so exciting.
  17. That doesn't help me. I only gain weight in my belly.
  18. I'm on month 2! I never use sunscreen. I also never go outside....
  19. We don't actually become immune to antibiotics. The bacteria does. Maurice Simpson is the most inspiring and confident person with a face disfigurement. Everyone has their demons so you can't really judge people by saying they don't know how bad things are.
  20. I can't wait. I'm only on Month 2 and my skin is still crap!
  21. I work out 6 days a week. The only thing I notice different is that I get really lazy and don't want to start or finish.
  22. how did you lose your job? I went to work with cyst on my face before I didn't get fired.
  23. I am still on Accutane and have not experience hairloss but my hair is very dry. I just started conditioning my hair every day and cut out the shampoo. It's kinda soft now and smell really girly but oh well. I also use Head and Shoulders itchy scalp.
  24. how do you stay at a low cholesterol? Mine went up 20 points (US metrics). Do you only eat chicken breast and drink water?