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  1. Wait until it dries and then go to sleep normally?
  2. That sucks! Have you tried putting toothpaste on it?
  3. Yeah I use to take minocycline then I got allergic to it and then the doctor gave me tetracycline and i was allergic to it and then 10 years later i saw a real dermatologist and she told me that doctor was an idiot because those two drugs are from the same family and if i was allergic to one i am allergic to the other.
  4. Have you tried eating a buttload of Kale? Kale soup, kale meat wraps, lots of kale recipes.
  5. Yes absolutely. A doctor has a general knowledge to diagnose most diseases but a dermatologist focus mainly on the skin. They have more time and dedication to learning about skin conditions and disorders and has a community of other doctors and past experiences to draw additional knowledge. Write down all those concerns you have, ask your dermatologist, don't let him leave after 5 minutes. Ask for different options other than Accutane, ask to try them first. You are paying for their service s
  6. Cool, I'm just saying sometimes we see what we want to see. I grew up with acne and to me it was kinda normal. I would sometimes get a lot of cyst and I thought my face was just mild. My doctor told me I was severe with one look and after comparing pictures I range from mild to severe depending on breakouts. Now I am on Accutane and getting clear skin, all the scars on my face tells me yes I did have severe acne and not know it.
  7. Bobby Stephenson

    Chose Tane

    Look at your blood test standing order. The doctor most likely wrote the end date of your treatment on there.
  8. You should do what your doctor recommended. Maybe your acne is severe and you don't know it.
  9. Your body doesn't become immune, it's the bacteria. Doxy killed off some of them but the ones that survive has developed immunity and is now thriving on your face. It doesn't help to harm your body any more with Doxy because it won't do anything so your doctor will put you on a different antibiotic and then the cycle repeats.
  10. It's good your IB went away so quick. Mine lasted 9 days!
  11. I used to sit under the shower when it itches or is too painful.
  12. I think it's a bit high to start out at 80mg. But it's OK if you're a large person. The dosage is base on your weight.
  13. Bobby Stephenson

    Week 8

    Nice! I want to try it but my cyst is right on the tip of my nose. I wouldn't want to smell all that garlic.
  14. I got pretty lazy in Month 2. I quit exercising for two weeks and it made me even more lazy! So i started exercising again and now I'm less lazy.
  15. Awesome! I can't wait to finish myself. You can see the finish line, 15 more days, keep going! Don't be a quitter.
  16. Bobby Stephenson


    There are different sides to every argument so if you really read too much of course you'll get confused. It's best to ask your doctor then you can blame him if something is wrong...and then go to a different doctor.
  17. 2 cyst at beginning of the week 2 more cyst at end of this week It does not like us.
  18. Yeah month 1 was good for me too but then i got 4 cyst on my 2nd month...
  19. You should feel good. It looks great! Hopefully I'll get some of that result soon.
  20. When I started Accutane I did an obsessive amount of research, calculated my dosage, checked in with my doctor, review my blood test...didn't you see warning signs?
  21. Call your doctor and schedule an earlier appointment...My derm specifically told me to take my blood test and schedule an appointment with her 1 week before I run out of pills. The first month I rushed this but I called and was "squeezed" in with a lunch time appointment. I'm sure your doctor will accommodate so you don't run out of pills.