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  1. I got an initial breakout on Day 8 and it lasted until Day 17. It looked like chicken pox or smallpox all around my nose and mouth. They are EXTREMELY itchy and when they pop they form scabs. Scabs + Pustules make you look like you're infected or something very nasty. Probably I am doing 6 months My complexion improved dramatically on Day 30-60 but when I up my dosage on Day 60+ I started getting cyst again but on Day 124 I was completely acne free--the first day I did not have any acti
  2. Why do you have to wait 3 months to see a dermatologist? Call around. I have been reading your plight for four months and nothing you are doing seems to help your situation. Even though you are depressed, you should look into Accutane. I would say the only thing that can help right now is hope, and results! Accutane does both. I was sad as fuck too 4 months ago but now I love my skin! Fuck all the side effects. The monthly blood test, consultation with your dermatologist, and your own judgement
  3. Same thing happened to me. What I did was I told the pharmacy technician that I was going to be coming there for the next 6 months so she pre-ordered all my pills and it is always ready. I even gave her my IPledge card so I don't even have to carry that around.
  4. You should try Aquaphor instead of Chapstick.
  5. Some parents are always like that though. Now that I don't have acne all they ask is why I'm not married...
  6. Yeah I am the only one in my family with acne and everyone has all the answers. I don't know why they always brought it up when they try to talk to me. It's like there's nothing else to talk about except my face. Yeah...I am the only one that moved out.
  7. One time I scratched myself at work on a large backup battery. It took two months to heal completely. Now I still have a slight discoloration and I am on month 5 of Accutane.
  8. It's not as bad as you think. Just don't stand too close to the mirror and don't examine every pimple and pores.
  9. I started using Bio Oil last week. It also acts as a moisturizer.
  10. Yeah I had time where acne would come and go but one day last year I realized I had been having pretty bad cystic acne for several months and it wasn't going away. I decided to take Accutane and now I don't have to worry what people are looking at and I can face my boss during meetings and not stare at a piece of paper all the time.
  11. 124 days of Accutane. First day I am acne free. No actives. Nothing! Even the cysts under my chin are gone! If only there is a pill for confidence too because I really like this one girl...well that's another story. Here's my face. Don't eat before you look at them. Look at all those red dots. I hear they will go away in 1 year? Lets hope so.
  12. When I went to the Asian doctors many years ago they made me take a lot of these black pills that looked like rabbit droppings.
  13. It's OK man I plan to cut my own hair this month.
  14. Month 4 Duration - Dec. 11, 2012 - Jan. 09, 2013 Skin - multiple cyst under chin. clear face. lots of scars and/or dark marks. dry bloody boogers. LDL Cholesterol - 117 (up 7 points) Dosage - 60mg Been working out A LOT! I managed to put on 7-8lbs of mass this month but also got my LDL cholesterol up from eating so much. My face is acne free! It's so wonderful if not for the scars and/or dark marks everywhere. I am trying Bio Oil to fade them. Turns out it is also a great moisturizer. I w
  15. Yes it is a tough decision but I would go crazy if I stop working out. I only get acne if I don't clean the bench. Like the above poster said you might want to eliminate diary? That works for a lot of people on this site. Try whey isolate, they are lactose free! They are however a bit more expensive.
  16. I use head and shoulders dandruff (because it says moisturizing guaranteed!) Aquaphor for lips (and lately nostrils) Systane balance eye drops (recommended by my optometrist) I'm nearing the end of my 4th month my eyes are freakin dry man. Bloody boogers too!
  17. Isn't this like putting oil on your face and feeding bacteria?
  18. I see you are using somethign else now. Did you finish your Physician fade cream? Did it work?
  19. i think it felt tired...or having an air bubble in your eye..I can't remember I haven't gotten any lately. Now I get dry throat if I don't have my humidifier on, yeah!
  20. nice skin! how long have you been on water only
  21. Haha yeah but that's how my face looked too. I actually had to go outside like that because i ran out of food.
  22. Haha that's bold don't you worry about scars? I just sit under the shower a lot instead of touching my face. All the scabs fell off eventually.
  23. That's how my face look on from Day 8 to Day 19. It's the initial breakout so just hang in there!
  24. Yeah that's strange. My doctor told me the opposite and I have to finish 6 months and I will be 165mg/kg..That's a bit high, right? I felt like I would be rude to question her decision on the spot so I'll definitely do it next month so you should ask your doctor too!
  25. I am on week#13 and I recently broke out with 4-5 decent size pimples. Nothing like what you described. I had relatively clear skin on month 2 but not so much in month 3.