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  1. I'm not sure, the doctor didn't really say. I assume six months is the normal length.
  2. I'm having break outs and I'm on day 9.
  3. I'm only on day 9 but I can definitely say you will have increasingly dry lips every day. You will probably also get red veins in your eye.
  4. That is such a great camera. I can see every hair on your face! I'm only on day 8 but I have those red veiny eyes too. I bought Visine tears and it really helps before bed.
  5. That sounds horrifying. I just started, is that going to happen to me in 3 weeks? I'll just cross my fingers. This might not help but you can always watch cat videos on youtube.
  6. I'm on day 6 and no initial breakouts either. Only minor ones that seem to go away quickly. Although, my face is still oily! Just be lucky your eyes aren't drying out like mine, it feels like sand paper when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee.
  7. I haven't tried anything to be honest. I did Minocycline when I was in high school and I had very large areas of redness all over my body during school. I went back to the doctor and he gave me Tetracycline (same drug family), that idiot. I never went back to the doctors after that. I had hoped that I would just outgrow acne. This time I went to a dermatologist instead, she told me that I cannot take any of the *cycline drugs because they are from the same family. She offered me Backtrim or A
  8. I have done the regime for the last 5 years (on and off). I buy about three to four 16oz bottle at a time just so I never run out.The thing with Dan's regime is if you slip, it comes back within a week and then it takes a month to clear up. A month of consistency too--it's a life style routine! I could NEVER use any other product such as lotion or sunblock if I have the treatment on as the feeling of layers weighs too heavily on my mind and it was uncomfortable. I'm male so maybe girls are used
  9. About Me: I am 27 yrs. old and I have had acne since high school. It was pretty severe nodular acne that has left many scars that have faded over the years. However, in some areas the scars cannot heal because they are still acne prone. My problem area now is around my nose, mouth, and chin. It didn't use to be like that and I am not sure why it changed. After several months of pretty bad acne I decided to see a dermatologist and was prescribed Accutane. Note: Dan's regime works great. It re
  10. If I don't have dry / flaky skin after 1.5 pumps of Dan's BP can I skip the moisturizer?
  11. I have 4 big ones growing right next to each other. It makes my face look swollen! I haven't left the house in days. I hate it so much.
  12. Yeah but there's a layer of dried BP on my face all day. Sometimes I get water on it and I can see it dripping off. Can I really rinse it off after 2 hours? It is very irritating to have it on all day. Some times it itch, other times it just feels like an extra layer of junk on my face. It is very irritating. Should I still leave it on all day? Doesn't it stop working at some point and I can rinse it off?
  13. Does the gel need to stay on all day? Is it cool to wash the gel off after a couple of hours?
  14. Has anyone moisturize / sunscreen before using the BP gel? Does it matter?
  15. Hello, i just started yesterday and I have had some pretty bad experience. Last night I put on Dan's BP gel (2 pumps) and it was fine. My face didn't turn red and I didn't itch at all. So i waited 5 minutes and then put on a Glycolic Acid Polymer moisturizer for oily skin and wow my face was on fire. There was burning, itching, stinging, every possible pain. I have been using this moisturizer before so I didn't expect this. It was so bad I had to wash it off. So I thought I need to use a diffe