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  1. Bobby Stephenson
    Month 5
    Duration - Jan. 10, 2012 - Feb. 08, 2013
    Skin - completely clear
    LDL Cholesterol - 104 (down 13 points!)
    Dosage - 60mg

    My cholesterol was so low this month my derm was shocked! She had to double check her charts from last month and then started writing things down! She wants me to do another blood test and come back for a follow up appointment after this month...I think she just wants more money! My skin is so clear! I enjoy meeting new people and going on dates without worrying about ANYTHING! I have so much confidence now!

    When I can, I walk every morning for 1 hour rain or shine (low intensity cardio). I bet this is the reason why my cholesterol is so low. All that sunlight converting them to Vitamin D. I haven't had any sun burns either.


    FYI: I don't walk in direct sunlight.
  2. Bobby Stephenson
    124 days of Accutane. First day I am acne free. No actives. Nothing! Even the cysts under my chin are gone! If only there is a pill for confidence too because I really like this one girl...well that's another story. Here's my face. Don't eat before you look at them.

    Look at all those red dots. I hear they will go away in 1 year? Lets hope so.
  3. Bobby Stephenson
    Month 4
    Duration - Dec. 11, 2012 - Jan. 09, 2013
    Skin - multiple cyst under chin. clear face. lots of scars and/or dark marks. dry bloody boogers.
    LDL Cholesterol - 117 (up 7 points)
    Dosage - 60mg

    Been working out A LOT! I managed to put on 7-8lbs of mass this month but also got my LDL cholesterol up from eating so much. My face is acne free! It's so wonderful if not for the scars and/or dark marks everywhere. I am trying Bio Oil to fade them. Turns out it is also a great moisturizer. I would definitely recommend it as it has replaced my Cetaphil.

    I am not self conscious anymore and haven't been for a long time. I don't even think about it when I talk to people. Even though I have some cyst under my chin, at least it's not on my face. I don't even feel it or see it in the mirror. Out of sight is out of mind! My doctor is concern that I am still getting acne going into my 5th month. She might reconsider and up my dosage or have me go over the 6 months limit.

    Warning - Graphic:

    I get very dry nostrils with dried up red boogers. I often dip my finger in a jar of Aquaphor and stick it up my nose. I use the same finger for both nostrils because sharing is caring. What happens when dried up red boogers soak up all that moisturizer? They become red bloody mucus. I blow them all out and it's like I have a bloody nose.
  4. Bobby Stephenson
    Month 3
    Duration - Nov. 11, 2012 - Dec. 10, 2012
    Skin - left side of face broke out, a couple big ones.
    LDL Cholesterol - 110 (down 4 points)
    Dosage - 60mg

    Dosage stays at 60mg for the remainder of my course. I am doing a full 6 months even though it will be 9900mg. She seems pretty confident when she told me that so I won't question her...or maybe I will. These appointments are too quick and I don't really have that many questions. She just stares at my face, ask me the same questions she asked last month and gives me a prescription.

    I got the OK to eat protein bars (20% vitamin A) and lift weights. Liver is doing better and better from 120 LDL to 116 to 110, maybe my diet is just really clean. Go broccoli! J/k I eat McDonalds all the damn time because I get too lazy to cook so I don't know what's going on. Maybe my system isn't absorbing the drug anymore.

    Last month she wanted to up me to 90mg but this month she never even mentioned it. Again, I will stay at 60mg until I finish, probably because of my dry eyes. I have to use eye drops constantly and wear glasses when using the computer to avoid eye strain/fatigue. I get compliments on the glasses so I like to wear them around work but I get dizzy because they're not meant for long distance. So I only wear them around hot girls...and when I use the computer.
  5. Bobby Stephenson
    Month 2
    Duration - Oct. 12, 2012 - Nov. 10, 2012
    Skin - same skin, red if i use moisturizer, otherwise it is drier or more flaky
    Cholesterol - 116 LDL
    Dosage - 60mg
    Now without acne all I see and worry about are my scars. There's always something to dislike about yourself. She wanted to up my dosage because my liver was doing so well but after we discuss about my eye fatigue she decided I should stay on 60mg for another month. Something that bothers me a lot is that I now have to carry around a jar of Aquaphor, eye drops, cell phone, keys, wallet, and my glasses! It must be awesome to be a girl because they can carry a purse or whatever. My pockets are so full. I wish cargo pants were back in fashion and work appropriate.

    Week 1 - Eye Fatigue
    I was getting eye fatigue but I hesitate to call my derm. I waited a week until I caved. It was better to get off Accutane than maybe lose my vision. I have always had 20/20 so this was new to me and a bit scary. My derm confirmed that it was safe to continue accutane but to go see an optometrist.
    Week 2 - Got Glasses
    My prescription is +0.50 vision and -0.25 astigmatism. My sister couldn't even tell the difference. At first I thought I paid a lot of money for fake glasses but they really help and I haven't gotten eye fatigue since wearing them at work. Optometrist also told me to use Systane lubricant eye drops throughout the day while on Accutane.
    Week 3 - Broke Out
    For some reason I got 2 cyst at the beginning of the week that went away and 2 more at the end of the week. One of which was on my nose. The derm offered to drain the one on my nose but I refused because I was scared of an new procedure. She was just going to stick a needle into it and drain it so I guess if it happens again I won't say no.
    Week 4 - One dried healing cyst from last week.
  6. Bobby Stephenson
    Month 1
    Duration - Sept. 12, 2012 - Oct. 11, 2012
    Skin - clear skin, kinda red, lots of blackheads
    Cholesterol - 120 LDL
    Dosage - 30mg

    Just like that a month has gone by super quick! Wow I never knew what a normal pimple looks like until now. I thought that crap on my face was normal. Apparently not. Normal pimples are quick forming, comes to a head and go away. What I had usually last for a week if I'm lucky. Some of them like to stay on my face for a month. I had an initial breakout on Day 8 and it lasted until Day 17. People probably thought I had smallpox. After that I have had clear skin. I have strange pimples randomly around my body (arm, belly, butt). Now I have blackheads in every pore on my nose and around my nose.

    Here are some highlights:
    Day 5 - Dry lips
    Day 8 - Smallpox..jk initial breakout
    Day 10 - Swollen lips from so much acne hard to eat
    Day 11 - So much physical pain from acne can't even sleep
    Day 12 - Really dry lips, peeling
    Day 14 - About 90% breakout become scabs, they fall off everywhere, on my bed, in the bathroom, on my shirt, etc
    Day 17 - The last scab fell off...or did i pick it off?
    Day 21 - Ran out of things to post/update on acne.org because nothing happened
    Day 30 - Blackheads in every pore on my nose and around my nose.
  7. Bobby Stephenson
    I stopped benzoyl peroxide the day I went on Claravis accutane. I was so happy until day 8 when I started breaking out. I waited and waited and it's almost day 13 but I am still breaking out. There are just so many pustules, large and small, scabs everywhere, they pop and pus and they are so painful! My upper lip is so swollen! It's painful to eat too, just opening my mouth and feeling the pimples. Then, the pain wakes me up and keep me from sleeping. I've only slept about 10 hours for the last two days. Waking up to pain, struggling to go back to sleep. It's difficult to talk. I had to call off work and use my vacation hours for the entire week!

    So, I caved. I smeared benzoyl peroxide all over my pustules. It BURNED like hell!!! I was using the cream religiously for five years and thought my skin have adapted. NOPE! IT STINGS AND BURN LIKE CRAZY!

    I also ran out of food. It's amazing how empty the supermarket is at 9AM on Monday which was so good for me. I couldn't look at anyone in the eye but did notice some stares from passerby. The cashier girl wouldn't even look at me as she hand me the receipt. It sucks so bad!

    My face hurts, like all the time!
  8. Bobby Stephenson
    About Me:
    I am 27 yrs. old and I have had acne since high school. It was pretty severe nodular acne that has left many scars that have faded over the years. However, in some areas the scars cannot heal because they are still acne prone. My problem area now is around my nose, mouth, and chin. It didn't use to be like that and I am not sure why it changed. After several months of pretty bad acne I decided to see a dermatologist and was prescribed Accutane.

    Note: Dan's regime works great. It reduced me to only having a few cysts once a month, sometimes less. But it is not a cure and the acne comes back if I miss a couple applications. Once I see results I get lazy and it often comes back full force.

    Accutane Journey: 30mg per day Month 1
    9/12/12 - Day 1
    I down the first pill with a large plate of chicken and pasta. I felt pretty dizzy during my work out and fell asleep very fast at bed time. I stopped Dan's Regime today.

    9/13/12 - Day 2:
    My face is so oily from stopping Benzyl Peroxide. There are two large pustules around my lips. No dizziness today.

    9/14/12 - Day 3:
    My face is less oily than yesterday. It seems almost normal. It is kind of itchy in some places. The pustules popped during sleep and now I only have a red spot that appear to be acne but doesn’t feel like it.

    9/15/12 - Day 4:
    Small pimples are growing on my forehead and under my nose. They are itchy.

    9/16/12 - Day 5:
    Pustules outline my nose. They are itchy and uncomfortable. Each of my eyes has a red line from the inside to the iris. I have dry lips today.

    9/17/12 - Day 6:
    I woke up this morning and my problem area was very oily. It looked like I was sprayed with water. The red eye from yesterday went away thankfully, but there are still red veins. I woke up during the night to use the restroom and my eyes were very dry—So much so that it was hard to go back to sleep. Only 3 minor pustules today and the large ones popped during the night. My lips are dry throughout the day but no other side effects.

    9/18/12 - Day 7:
    Wow 1 week already. My lips dry as usual, but no more than when I used benzyl peroxide. Dry eyes are gone.

    9/19/12 - Day 8:
    Ugh, initial Break out? I don't know. I have clusters of pustules in a line from the right side of my lips to the left side of my nose. They are so itchy it's unbearable! I just had to pop a couple of them and now they itch even more! I also have two or three big pimples coming out the bottom of my chin! My lips are increasingly dry. No other side effects.

    Update: Yes this is the initial breakout.

    9/20/12 - Day 9:
    It's just terrible! A colony of pustules has settled around near the left side of my nose and stretch all the way down to my lips. I have another big one on the other side with 3 pustules on it--another one matching this description above my chin—and another large one under my chin. It's so damn itchy sometimes! One or two of them actually popped during work and started oozing pus...right before I had to talk to someone! Lips are constantly dry. My problem area is also flaky!

    9/21/12 - Day 10:
    It is even worse than yesterday. It's spreading to the other side of my face. The ones above my chin hurt so much when I eat. Sometimes they pop and just reform. Small pustules are itchy and the large ones are painful. Dry lips and flaky skin after a wash but the oil comes back after a while.

    9/22/12 - Day 11:
    I wish my face would stop hurting so much.

    9/23/12 - Day 12:
    It hurts less and I can eat easily but the pustules keep popping and coming back and I have to call off work for the entire week. My lips have been drying but it didn’t start peeling until today.

    9/24/12 - Day 13:
    It is still very bad. I always thought to stop all other routines while on Accutane but the breakout has gotten so bad it made me desperate. I put benzoyl peroxide on the infected area and immediately it burns like heck! My skin has become so sensitive now that the five years of tolerance of benzoyl peroxide cream did nothing to ease the stinging. I washed off the benzoyl peroxide after a couple hours and felt instant relief! Having water fall down on my face is a great massage. I must have just sat in the shower for 10 minutes.

    I was very unhappy earlier I had to make another post to rant about everything that has happened. It is night time now and the old spots do appear to be healing but at the same time new ones are popping up! The infected area has moved downwards by one inch. Scabs are falling everywhere. I notice a few nasty ones on my bed earlier, all over my pillows too. My upper lips are still swollen from all the acne and it is still difficult to take in big bites. I have to eat very slowly and in small portions.

    I am better at applying Aquaphor on my lips. The trick is to not constantly drink water as your body is not dehydrated anyway. It always washes away the Aquaphor.

    9/25/12 Day 14:
    Today is good. Aside from the morning peek I decided to follow the phrase "out of sight out of mind". Today, there wasn't much pain and by day's end the pain was gone. I do feel a lot of dry scabs all over my infected area and some of them are even half way ready to fall off. I'm constantly worried about them falling into my food while I eat. Good news, my lips are no longer swollen, but they are even drier! A whole layer has peeled off when I wipe them after spilling some water. I felt one or two pimples in the shower 10 minutes ago and I'm sure there is more.

    9/26/12 Day 15:
    Today is MUCH better. I woke up with an unbearable itch but to only a few pustules. I don't look infected anymore. My face was covered in scabs from the past several days and I had to remove them because I had to go outside. I had hope they would fall off by now but I removed them myself to go outside. I think I went a bit far because two spots should have been left alone to heal the skin underneath.

    9/27/12 Day 16:
    A couple new pustules formed. The old ones are fading in color. Scabs are almost all gone and they leave red skin. I have to apply Aquaphor to my lips more frequently.

    9/28/12 Day 17:
    Initial breakout complete
    I still have some old pustules around my chin and a couple around my nose but nothing too bad. The flaky skin has reduced dramatically as well from all the pimples going away. I bought some Burdock Root today after I read that it helps the liver and lower triglycerides. Now I hope my face heal enough by Monday so I can go back to work.

    9/29/12 Day 18: My face is red from the initial break out. I am still having some new pimples. Aquaphor is so amazing for my lips. Sometimes it feels dry but it doesn't crack or peel anymore. I want the same for my face because it is increasingly dry and flaky. It is still flaky at night so I must be producing a lot less oil. But I don't like the feeling of moisturizing on my face. I am also getting random pimples on my arms and belly over the last couple of days.

    9/30/12 Day 19: I'm finally comfortable enough to put a little moisturizer on my face. It doesn't burn or sting any more.

    10/01/12 Day 20: Wow, two packets down already. My face is darker and red. I am getting a random pimple on my belly and a random pimple on the side of my neck. They are very small.
  9. Bobby Stephenson
    Month 6
    Duration - Feb. 9, 2012 - Mar. 12, 2013
    Skin - completely clear
    LDL Cholesterol - 120 (up 16 points!)
    Triglycerides - 163 (yikes!)
    Missed 3 random days of pills because I was outside having fun with my clear skin!!!

    Don't ask for extra dressing on your sandwiches! They are bad for your cholesterol!!! This is the first time my triglycerides was even mentioned, and my LDL cholesterol jumped back up to 120 (same as month 1)!!! But it's finally over and I am done with Accutane!

    My Symptoms and Survival Tips
    Dry nostrils / mouth
    Buy a jar of Aquaphor, buy some of those lip balm from the dollar store, empty it, put Aquaphor into the container and carry it everywhere! It has been 6 months and i barely used 1/3 of my Aquaphor.

    Bloody Stool
    I had this once. Make sure to drink a lot of water and poop slooooowly when constipated.

    Dry eyes / pain
    Start using eye drops. Don't be fooled into buying expensive ones. Find something cheap because they're not lotion and will evaporate very quickly. I got computer glasses too, +.50 for when using the computer. Install F.Lux software to reduce light on home / work computer.

    Dry Skin / Rashes / Bumps
    Moisturize it and it will go away.

    6 Months of High Cholesterol
    Normal < 99
    Month 1 = 120 (system getting used to accutane)
    Month 2 = 116
    Month 3 = 110
    Month 4 = 117
    Month 5 = 104 (nothing but chicken breast and brown rice, yuck)
    Month 6 = 120 (nothing but delicious sandwiches with extra dressing)

    Well I am done with Accutane. Clear skin and happy! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!