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  1. Oh wow, you're a hotty now. I didn't really think so before! It's amazing how much more attractive we are with clear skin. My skin didn't turn out as good after accutane but it's still pretty awesome! Lets hope we never get acne again.
  2. Month 6 Duration - Feb. 9, 2012 - Mar. 12, 2013 Skin - completely clear LDL Cholesterol - 120 (up 16 points!) Triglycerides - 163 (yikes!) Missed 3 random days of pills because I was outside having fun with my clear skin!!! Don't ask for extra dressing on your sandwiches! They are bad for your cholesterol!!! This is the first time my triglycerides was even mentioned, and my LDL cholesterol jumped back up to 120 (same as month 1)!!! But it's finally over and I am done with Accutane!
  3. Yeah you shouldn't post every day. There's really nothing to share. Just forget about your face and enjoy your day.
  4. I had that concern too but our face get very dry on Accutane. I use the Bio Oil as a moisturizer.
  5. I've been using Bio Oil from reading your post two months ago. I don't really see a difference in my scars =[ Good job on finishing. I have 8 pills left and 0 doctor visits!
  6. yeah tell me about it. I got tired of opening the packages correctly and started ripping them off with my teeth! I am on month 6 also but have gotten 2 white heads and a raised bump
  7. Wow that's a lot of things to do. Sometimes I wake up and don't even shower.
  8. Wow that's a very high dose! I would say go on the date, who cares what people think? If you cancel he will think you don't like him. Just have fun but if you're really self conscious suggest a walk or something and find a really dark neighborhood or street corner.
  9. Month 5 Duration - Jan. 10, 2012 - Feb. 08, 2013 Skin - completely clear LDL Cholesterol - 104 (down 13 points!) Dosage - 60mg My cholesterol was so low this month my derm was shocked! She had to double check her charts from last month and then started writing things down! She wants me to do another blood test and come back for a follow up appointment after this month...I think she just wants more money! My skin is so clear! I enjoy meeting new people and going on dates without worrying
  10. Hello, don't worry. That is probably your LDL cholesterol and you're 40 over the recommended/healthy limit of 50-99. On my first month I shot up to 120, not as bad as you but there's good news. Your system is only getting use to the drugs. Mine went down every month from eating heathier and taking fish oil. Even though I am on a higher dose than my first month, my LDL has dropped to 104 this month and I am almost done with month 5! If you are that concern as well. Go outside (not behind
  11. I hate the feeling of lotion more than you! But after 6 weeks on accutane my face was flaky and peeling off! Then I discovered Cetaphil, it goes on super light! It was great for a while but now I upgraded to Bio Oil. Yeah I am so dry I litterly put oil on my face.
  12. Haha OK but don't get carried away. Too much water will wash away all your electrolytes leaving you weak and tired. But you hardly drink 1 gallon. You should see me drink I am on my 6th month of accutane.
  13. That's pretty good, my IB didn't end until day 18! I would recommend exercise throughout the course.
  14. Oh I remember my itch. It was so bad I wake up at night and can't go back to sleep. During my initial break out I had to sit under the shower A LOT, it really helps with the itching.