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  1. hey i feel the same way i'm goin on roaccutane soon i'm 15 too and from QLD which state r u from would love to hear from u again xoxo
  2. hey...my names saadiya and i'm 15 how old r u?

    im new to this thing wanna chat?

    1. sweet...thats awesome :)

      i really like sport and stuff i like to run n u, what do u like to do?

      1. Hey thanks for the reassurance...I guess life isn't fair but if your not happy you gotta do somthing about it until it's fixed and your happy...

        I guess as a chick I just wanna b confident and not have to care about acne grr

        anyways hows ure life going

        would love to get to know ya



        1. OMG i know it sucks and it's really hard 4 me cause none of my friends have it and I feel ugly all the time...I always think no onw will want me and just get down about it and i guess thats y i come across shy...but i'm not i wann b the life of the party..but with out acne thats why i'm going on roaccutane what r u guys on or what do u use? would love some help Peace.love.Hope xoxo