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  1. Hey there, Yeah i kinda understand how you feel 'cause my friends all had clear skin but not for me! They would keep promoting products that i would repeatedly try, which doesn't show any improvements to my skin at all. I am already so sick of it. Imagine going to your relatives' house for a visit, and every visit, they have this new product which they would like you to try.Many may think that they are just trying to help but not for me! To have done so repeatedly, they have so hurt my pride.I'
  2. ok im new here and i think i seriously need advice in my regime. Here is what i do two times a day(Morning and Night): First, i use the UV cool cleanser by Follow Me I'm quite comfortable with this. It really leaves a cool and refreshing feeling after cleansing. After patting dry, i use this bio serum which claims to be useful for repairing scars. (I apply using cotton wool throughout my face since i have scars all throughout.) Rosken Skin Repair Bio Serum Next,I spread this pimple gel thr