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  1. 8 Months Post Accutane Hi everyone. December marked the anniversary of when I started Accutane so I thought I'd give everyone a hopeful update. Outside of an occasion red blemish, I have had perfect skin. Now, I only have to worry about dry skin from the Chicago cold Anyways, stay positive and hopeful and know that it only gets better from here.
  2. Stoper54

    Two Month Update

    Week 9 Post Accutane I've crossed the two month mark and the scar and red marks are definitely healing. Depending on the light, there can be no scars or a few. I've also feel that my skin is more clear than when I was even on Accutane. My journey home has been epic; hiking in Denver and New Mexico; BBQ in Kansas City. I'm definitely enjoying the journey. Now that two months have passed, I'm going to give monthly updates.
  3. Stoper54

    Homeward Bound

    Week 8 Post Accutane The temperature in Yuma has approached 115 degrees; the kind of severe weather which contributed to my issues to begin with. Tomorrow I start my 10 day trip home. Skinwise, marks are fading, scars are minimal. I have a microscopic whitehead every now and then but otherwise perfect skin.
  4. Week 7 Post Accutane I had a checkup appointment with the dermatologist today; he didn't even charge me He told me my severe hyperpigmentation will heal probably in 6 months as the accutane leaves my system and my body learns to heal itself again. He also commented that there is some real minor scaring but it is too soon to know how it will turn out. If he was me he wouldn't do anything until at least a year has pasted. If things keep improving I don't think I will I've had a few mi
  5. Stoper54

    Growing Up

    Week 6 Post Accutane I've started to see real improvement on my forehead. While there are scars the redness is fading. The best part is that I no longer feel the need to look in a mirror all the time to see progress because I know it is happening. I'm getting ready to return to Chicago after my two year adventure in Arizona. Between my acne and other obstacles of life I have grown up so much in two short years. I was naive when I came out here about life and who I am but being on my own
  6. Week 5 Post Accutane Now that the redness has started to fade away, I can start to survey the damage the acne did to my forehead. There are some small potential scars; both ice pick and boxcar. I scheduled a follow-up appointment with my dermatologist before I move home. I'm going to find out if I should expect the scars to be permanent or temporary. But without the acne, I almost don't care if my skin is perfect when looked at closely. One thing that helps your skins appearance tho
  7. Stoper54

    Normal Skin

    Thanks for the comment. I think it is important that people can see the whole story. I'm glad you liked it.
  8. Stoper54

    Normal Skin

    Week 4 Post Accutane My skin is normal! Not oily; not dry; just normal. This week I noticed that my skin was starting to look a little oily. Nowhere near where it was before but it was noticeable. I stopped moisturizing and now my skin is nearly perfect. I still have some red cheeks but they continue to get better. I no longer use anything but Cataphil Gentle Cleanser and Purpose soap on my body. For those who are still waiting to finish up Accutane keep the faith; the results are wo
  9. Week 3 Post Accutane Things are going great. I can definitely see some scars on my forehead when I look closely but hopefully overtime those heal. I've started using moisturizer again. My face is still red and the moisturizer helps sooth it. But besides the redness, all side effects are gone. I'm going sky diving this weekend to try out my new skin.
  10. Post Accutane Week 2 Side effects are disappearing and so are my red marks; at least I think they are. My lips are no longer chapped and I've put away the Vaseline. I've stopped using Cerve moisturizer and just the Eucerin Redness Relief since my face is still red. Overall, no issues. I've started planning activities I couldn't do while I was on the medicine. I'm going skydiving over Memorial Weekend and the beach in June.
  11. Stoper54

    So Far So Good

    Post Accutane: One Week My skin is glowing. Everyday it starts to look better and better as though the Accutane was holding it back from its full potential. I have a microscopic red spot every now and then but overall no problems. The redness is start to fade as are the red mark. My lips are still chapped but no where as bad as they were a week ago. My current regimen is Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Cerve Moisterizing Cream (little less each day) Neutragena Sun Block So far so g
  12. Stoper54

    The Final Day

    Only 1 Day Left Clear! There is only one pill remaining in my last blister packet and tomorrow morning will be my last experience with Accutane (hopefully). Although the side effects are severe, I highly recommend Accutane. The benefits far out-weigh the costs. It's a character builder which will test you from the initial outbreak to the beet-red face but it is worth it to not to have to worry about your face even if it is only temporary. I'll continue to update weekly on my progre
  13. Stoper54

    Lessons Learned

    Only 2 Days Left Clear! This second to last entry, will be the top 10 lessons I learned 1. MOISTURIZE. This is a three parter a). When you think you've put too much on, put even more on. b). Moisturize immediately after a shower; don't wait to dry. This is huge. c). Moisturize everywhere. Don't just moisturize your face; moisturize your legs, back, arms, even your genitals and ass. 2. Don't touch your lesions. Your skin is extremely sensitive while on Accutane and pumpin
  14. Only 3 Days Left Clear! This month was mostly characterized by countdowns. I returned to Yuma on April 12th and was extremely anxious for the end to be there. I wanted to enjoy my new skin and never take it for granted again. For the longest time, my thoughts were acne and my skin. Now I can worry about other things...like finding a job. Side effects: Moderately red skin and slightly chapped lips
  15. Only 4 Days Left Clear! Month Four represented my return home. During month one, I had to face family and friends in my condition but in month four I was completely clear. Minus the side effects, it was nice having all my confidence back. It was also during this time, that I became aware that I would leaving Yuma and my job situation became uncertain. I learned there are more important things than your skin like how are you going to eat. I also learned that my sister is having ski